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Wayne went into surgery this morning for the injuries he sustained in yesterday’s car accident. We all know Wayne is a fighter, and are pulling for his speedy recovery. His wife and family are grateful for the continued support and well wishes from everyone.

The hospital is not allowing anyone except immediate family in to see him. His family is asking for privacy while he recovers.

We are continuing to get updates from Wayne’s family on his condition. Again, if you would like to send flowers or cards you may send them to the office, and we will make sure his family receives them.

Dolcefino Consulting
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We can confirm Wayne Dolcefino has been involved in a car accident near San Angelo.

He was traveling for his Investigative Consulting Firm. At this time, we know he survived the crash but suffered some injuries. We are unclear as to the extent of those injuries, however we were told he is awake and talking.

His family is asking for privacy while they deal with this situation.

We are coordinating information thorough Dolcefino Consulting and will continue to release information as it becomes available.

Wayne’s family wishes to express their heartfelt appreciation at the outpouring of concern and support as well as offers of assistance at this time. Our office has been taking calls and emails all day from members of the media, family friends and former co-workers with prayers and get well messages.

Those who wish to send flowers, may send them to the office, and we will make sure his family receives them.

We will continue to provide updates on Wayne’s condition as they become available.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Caldwell County Commissioners Court

110 S Main St, Lockhart, TX 78644

This weekend residents raised their voices against the proposed trash dump Green Group wants to build in Caldwell County.  Tonight, they will go before the Commissioners Court and raise them again.

Dozens turned out to hear from Precinct 4 Commissioner Joe Roland, Attorney Marisa Perales and Investigative Consultant Wayne Dolcefino on the fight against the landfill.  The message was clear… KEEP FIGHTING.

Opposition to the proposed dumpsite along 183 South of Austin includes a warning from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lawyer representing the public about Green’s Group credibility, the dump’s smell, and possible environmental damage to a sensitive aquifer.

Two recently elected County Commissioners are pushing for a host agreement with the controversial Green Group garbage company, reversing more than a year of county refusal to even negotiate with the trash company.

Tonight, the Commissioner’s Court will hold a special evening meeting to allow those who want to voice their opposition to the dump.  Sign up begins at 6pm.

Media interviews will be available.  For further information, contact Dolcefino Consulting.

See the photos


Sunday, April 23, 2017
General Store at Lytton Springs
8573 FM 1854, Dale, Texas 78616

Signs are going up all over the Lockhart area about this weekend’s planned rally against the proposed 130 Environmental Park.

The Sunday afternoon event on April 23, 2017 will be held at the Historic General Store in Lytton Springs and will feature the latest news in the battle against the proposed garbage dump. Leading the fight, Caldwell County Commissioner Joe Roland. Marisa Perales, the Austin attorney representing the neighborhood group fighting the planned skyscraper of trash will detail the legal effort.

The rally will be held from 2-5 PM located in a field behind the historic storefront. The rally comes on the eve of a special evening session of the Caldwell County Commissioners on Monday Night. Two new County Commissioners are pushing for a host agreement with the controversial Green Group garbage company, reversing more than a year of county refusal to even negotiate with the trash company.

Opposition to the proposed dumpsite along 183 South of Austin includes a warning from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lawyer representing the public about Green’s Group credibility, the dump’s smell, and possible environmental damage to a sensitive aquifer.

Media interviews will be available.

For further information, contact Dolcefino Consulting.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Houston Chronicle or read it online to see columnist Ken Hoffman’s great profile on Wayne Dolcefino:

He left the station in 2012, after nearly three decades, winning literally dozens of local Emmy Awards for rooting out corruption and exposing wasteful spending. And making loyal fans and powerful enemies along the way. It’s part of the deal.

“I am president of a thriving communications firm called Dolcefino Consulting. We are a war time company doing investigations, media and political work,” he said.
Does he miss being on TV news?

“I miss it a lot, but it is pretty clear that the days of real investigative reporting on Houston TV are over, not because of the journalists, but because the TV stations that used to pride themselves on exposing corruption got plain chicken,” he said.

“My company isn’t chicken, because I’m the boss.” READ THE REST

If you haven’t read the “audit” of the Sheriff’s gun audit you should. It’s a joke.

Not just the part when the Auditor and Sheriff congratulate each other for what a good job they both did cooperating and how from now on everything will be kept better track of. That’s sweet.

It’s page 2 that is a real laugher. Check it out at They call this an audit?

The Waller County Sheriff uses Excel to keep track of their weapons and Major Joe Hester was responsible for updating the list any time there was a new transaction. After the Sheriff got a machine gun and 7 other weapons stolen from his marked pickup truck, we asked for the spread sheet and all the receipts for gun purchases for the last 4 years. That’s when we saw the problem.

Did the County Auditor look at those past receipts? Not according to his audit.

Did he use the spreadsheet he gave us to check the inventories? Not according to his audit.

Instead, Major Hester was allowed to conduct an internal review of the weapon inventory list and was allowed to update it, likely right before the joint inventory with the auditor. Comparing weapons against a brand new updated inventory is a giant waste of time.

Auditor Alan Younts should tell the public exactly when the cleanup happened.

We can’t say we are surprised, because Younts has said he thought the whole audit was a political stunt. The audit proves he’s the one playing politics.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis should have conducted this investigation, after he was told there were receipts for guns that were not in the inventory.

Mathis told us today he doesn’t have time for fishing expeditions, unless we have probable cause of a specific gun that was stolen or misappropriated by the Sheriff. We offered to show the DA the list of discrepancies a year ago. Even put out a press release with the offer.

When the Sheriff got all his guns stolen, and then went to Waller County to file the complaint, we argued Mathis had the jurisdiction, and in fact, the responsibility to track the investigation.

Mathis disagreed.

It sure is weird that a year and a half after the big gun theft, the Sheriff and the DA just don’t seem to think it is vital to find out what happened to them.

Why should that be surprising?

This is the same DA that broke his promise to investigate the landfill and failed to investigate complaints about the Hempstead Economic Development Corporation hiding records.

This isn’t a game of monopoly, with chances to go back to Go and start all over.

Waller County taxpayers need to listen and keep voting until they get real accountability.

Two weeks ago, members of the Waller County Commissioners Court sent a message to the embattled Sheriff Glenn Smith.


The Sheriff said no.

One of the reasons was the theft of a machine gun and 7 other weapons from the Sheriff’s car.

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting found lots of discrepancies in the gun inventory. Two Commissioners demanded an audit, and then got fighting mad when the auditor waited almost a
year to even start it.

Now that audit is public.

In our view, it is shocking for the abject failure to track how many weapons are missing and why?

The Waller County Auditor’s spent three days counting the weapons that were presented to them. Finding where and when the weapons were bought were not even considered.

In other words, let’s just start over.

The Sheriff agreed to an inventory once a year, and the auditor will do an inventory too. The Auditor and Sheriff exchanged congratulations for how well they all got along.

“This is a joke, and I am glad I read it before I ate dinner”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Investigative Communications Firm that exposed gun troubles 14 months ago.
“The public had a right to know whether the receipts for guns, and the trades for cooler more expensive guns all match up to the inventory. They should have tracked the weapons purchases
for years because they have the receipts. The public also deserves a full accounting of the status of the big Sheriff gun theft. How hard is he looking for that machine gun?”

The audit results come out as Waller County prepares for a possible lawsuit over the sex acts performed when a male inmate was allowed to wander among the female inmate cells. Up to
six jail employees have reportedly been fired or have resigned in the wake of jail scandals, including the Sandra Bland case.

Waller County taxpayers should read what they got for themselves.

sheriff audit

A huge protest rally is being held in Lytton Springs this month as a way for residents to send a loud message to stop the proposed Green Group garbage dump outside of Lockhart.

In recent weeks, the County Judge and recently elected Commissioners have moved quickly to cut a financial deal with Green Group. This after their predecessors spent $93,000 in legal fees to fight the landfill. Maybe they should read the letter sent by the Public Watchdog for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“130 Environmental Park provided false or misleading information to the Executive Director,” writes Public Interest Attorney Aaron Tucker, “The potential for aquifer contamination is a serious concern.”

More than 100 people live within a mile of the proposed 130 Environmental Park site. The Public Interest Counsel wants more protections against noise and nuisance odors.

“The proposed location increases the risk of a washout of waste and contamination of water resources as well nuisance conditions,” says Tucker.

Caldwell County Commissioner Joe Roland will headline the event, scheduled on April 23, from 1 – 4 pm at the Lytton Springs Park. The following evening the Caldwell County Commissioners will hold a special evening meeting to discuss the deal with Green Group. Roland is a vocal opponent of any deal with Green Group, a company with a troubled history.

“It is time for the rest of Caldwell County to step up and help these folks fight;” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Would you want to live next to this tower of trash run by these guys? Is it worth taking their money to sell out your neighbors? Of course not.”

Dolcefino’s Investigative Communications firm helped expose secret meetings in the fight against Green Group in Waller County.

The community rally is scheduled at Lytton Springs Park between 1 and 4 pm, Sunday April 23rd.

Read more of the files at


Remember being a kid and thinking the moon was made of green cheese?

Of course, it wasn’t.

It’s just a fantasy – like the list of hundreds of supporters on JR Moon’s campaign website in his race to be Mayor of Pasadena.

Last week, Dolcefino Consulting busted Mr. Moon. We discovered a number of folks on the list were dead, some of them for several years.

The candidate suggested we stumbled upon clerical errors – an honest mistake. He would not share the contact information for the rest of his list.

Now we know why!

Outside of the deceased on Moon’s list, we have found at least a dozen names of totally alive people who say they don’t support him either. And this number continues to rise.

What’s worse? Some of these Pasadena voters say they called Moon, telling him personally to take their names off his list. They are still waiting.

“If Mr. Moon knowingly inflated his level of support on his website, this is no longer an oops moment. It’s intentional and raises an ethics problem Moon should address immediately,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

Pasadena voters have a right to know. Truth matters.

Waller County Commissioners have formally asked the embattled Sheriff Glenn Smith to resign after the latest jail house scandal in Hempstead.

The Waller County District Attorney and the County Judge delivered the message during a lunch with the Sheriff this week.

The Sheriff said no.

The resignation request came after an executive session of the Waller County Commissioners Court last week, as the latest negative headlines hit the Sheriff’s Department after a male inmate was allowed to wander into the area with female inmates and at least 4 sex acts happened.

It is just the latest embarrassment for Sheriff Smith.

First, the Sandra Bland tragedy, then evidence of sloppy gun inventory after the 8 weapons were stolen from the Sheriff’s car, and now this. Waller County Commissioners had clearly seen enough.

“For the safety and well being of the citizens of Waller County the Sheriff must go,” says County Commissioner John Amsler. “I want my constituents to know that I have tried to remedy the situation. Some people should not be in public office.”

The Waller County Attorney could now try to remove Smith from office, but here is another place where the law is just plain stupid.

Under Texas law, the only incident that could be used as evidence of incompetence is stuff that happened since Smith started his newest terms in office. Even the jail mistakes in the Bland case could not be used against him.

Welcome to Texas.

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