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This is the news that Red Raider fans have been waiting to hear. The winningest coach in Texas Tech football history is coming back to Lubbock.

Sorry. He is not coming back to coach football.

Coach Leach is returning to Lubbock to sign copies of the new book “Double T – Double Cross – Double Take: The Firing of Coach Mike Leach by Texas Tech University.”

The book signing will start at 6 PM on July 23, 2018 at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at 6002 Slide Road, Lubbock, Texas 79414.

“I am looking so forward to seeing all my friends and fans who supported me while I had the pleasure of coaching the Red Raiders to the best season ever, and the folks who continue to support me as I fight to simply get paid what I was promised”, says Coach Leach.

Texas Tech is still hiding lots of records detailing the firing of Mike Leach. They are even ignoring the order of a Lubbock Judge. The University is also fighting release of records on sexual harassment and sexual assaults on campus, along with communications with Lubbock Police about sex crimes on campus.

“Every day they cheat Mike Leach is another day that the character of Texas Tech school officials takes a real hit with donors, parents and students,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, the Houston based Investigative Communications Firm fighting for transparency at Tech.

“What are they hiding? Think about the lessons they are teaching the kids. You can get away with being a cheat. Your word means nothing. It’s okay to lie. Is that really the lesson a great school should be teaching?”

Come see Mike Leach on Monday evening, July 23, 2018.

As President of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez was the leading national advocate for the Hispanic business community. Palomarez had become such a critical voice for the entire Latino community he was being courted to run for Texas Governor.

In October 2017, Palomarez was abruptly fired during a closed-door meeting of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation after being accused of crimes that he did not commit. The meeting lasted only thirty-one minutes, and the directors, one a BP America top executive, asked no questions about the false accusations.

By February 2018, Palomarez had been ousted from its sister entity, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, after major news organizations reported he had been accused of embezzlement and sexual harassment.

Now, five months later Palomarez and his Houston lawyers are filing a groundbreaking lawsuit that will expose the individuals involved in the conspiracy to destroy his reputation and will document that the #MeToo movement is not just about women.

In this case, a man was the target and the victim of one woman’s power.

Oil giant BP, The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation and CNN Contributor Maria Cardona are identified as just some of the members of the irresponsible plot to oust Palomarez on now disproven allegations, a conspiracy orchestrated by Palomarez’ female boss, Dallas businesswoman Nina Vaca.

Vaca is Chairwoman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The lawsuit will detail clear and convincing evidence Vaca retaliated against Palomarez after he broke off ax extra-marital affair.

Details of the lawsuit will be unveiled at an 11:00 am news conference at the Law Offices of Chad Pinkerton. Palomarez will be joined by Houston attorneys Chad Pinkerton and Andrew Cobos of the law firm of Bell, Rose & Cobos.

“Nina Vaca used her power and her corporate buddies to try and destroy a good man Javier Palomarez,” says Chad Pinkerton of the Houston based Pinkerton law Firm. “When we are done, Vaca will become the poster child for sexual harassment against men, a woman who was so desperate for revenge she manufactured false allegations of sexual harassment and embezzlement to destroy her subordinate and former lover.”

Vaca owns Pinnacle, the fastest growing Hispanic woman owned businesses in the country. The news conference will detail evidence she is now retaliating against other Hispanic Chamber officials who are willing to expose this horrific national employment scandal.

“I will spend the rest of my life trying to repair the damage done to my family, but they fully support my decision to fight back publicly, no matter the odds, no matter how powerful these people are, to restore my name,” says Palomarez.

Documents to be revealed Tuesday with the lawsuit will sadly bring more national attention to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the largest Hispanic business advocacy group in the country, already struggling to keep corporate sponsors after news of the Palomarez ouster broke in February.

Other defendants in the lawsuit are U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation board members Katie Baker, Robert Rendon, Brian Tippens, Ray Dempsey and Roland Juarez, the former General Counsel of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Dempsey is the Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for BP America. Tippens is Chief Diversity Officer of HP.

“Javier Palomarez is prepared to expose the big U.S. corporations who were willing to help assassinate his reputation because he was an outspoken leader for Hispanics and pushing these big corporate giants to put more Latinos in their corporate boardrooms and contracting rosters,” says Pinkerton. “ This was an illegal attempt to silence a major voice for the Hispanic communities all across America.”

“This is just the beginning,” adds attorney Andrew Cobos. “The other corporations linked to this conspiracy—they know who they are—should be on their toes.”

The news conference will be located on the 5 th floor offices of the Pinkerton Law Firm, 5020 Montrose Boulevard. The news conference will also be streamed live on Dolcefino Consulting’s Facebook page.

You can look all the way back to the Bible and find stories of brother versus brother, but more recently sibling rivalries end up getting hashed out in sports, or courtrooms.

This week the brothers Hotze will square off in front of Harris County Judge Fredericka Phillips for control of their father’s company.

Mark, Richard and Steve Hotze are accused of trying to oust their brothers Bruce and David to gain control of Compressor Engineering Corporation, the company their dad Ernest Hotze founded back in 1964.

Court documents accuse Mark, Richard and Steve of breach of fiduciary duties and several types of fraud.

Representing the three brothers is John Zavitsanos, a Democrat whose law firm was the top contributor to Judge Phillips’ 2016 campaign. That doesn’t jive with Steve Hotze’s rhetoric of conservative and republican Christian values.

“If family values mean gypping your brothers out of the family company, I guess Steve Hotze could be called a family man,” said Wayne Dolcefino, president of Dolcefino Consulting. “Steve Hotze carries a lot of weight in Texas conservative circles. I guess they don’t know him like his own family knows him. I think it’s time Texans shined a bright light on him to see if he practices what he preaches.”

Thursday’s hearing starts at 9am in Harris County District Court.

Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman has been making waves lately, asking judges to punish lawyers for not following the rules. In the last few weeks Van Orman has asked for sanctions against Conroe attorney, Kate Bihm.

Next Monday, she’ll be in court asking Judge Lisa Millard to sanction attorneys Michael Bynane and Carlos Ryerson.


It looks like Van Orman has an issue following the rules herself.
Back in February, Van Orman was charged with Assault Family Violence by Montgomery County Sherriff’s deputies when an argument between Van Orman and her niece turned violent.

The incident report states that Van Orman shoved her niece into a headboard, put her hands on her niece’s neck, grabbed her niece’s hair, and pushed her out of the bedroom while yelling in her face. The incident report alleges that Van Orman’s 16-year-old son had to restrain Van Orman at one point and was the one who called police.

This incident wasn’t Van Orman’s first brush with law enforcement.

In 2016, while Montgomery County Sherriff’s deputies were investigating a hit and run accident, they talked to Van Orman and another individual outside of the Cru Wine Bar in Market Street in The Woodlands. The incident report states the driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence after telling police that he and Van Orman were coming back from Houston after celebrating a court victory.

According to the report, Van Orman, at one point barefoot and slurring her speech, took the opportunity to lecture officers about what an important lawyer she was.

According to the report, Van Orman “claimed she was getting irritated and was ready to call the District Attorney of Montgomery County, Brett Ligon, who she claimed was a close personal friend of hers.” Van Orman also “stated several times she was a high-profile attorney in family law.”


It appears that Van Orman has no problem asking a judge to punish those she thinks have done something wrong. Unfortunately, it looks like when Mary Van Orman does something wrong, she seems to think she’s above the law.


Gerald "Jerry" Rome

Gerald “Jerry” Rome

A growing number of Colorado fraud victims are going public with their criticism of Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome.

Take the case of Seth Weiss.

Look at this headline.

Rome boasted in a press release about a 13.2 million-dollar judgement his office got from Seth Weiss, the owner of Genie Lens Technology.

Weiss had lied to investors that he was doing so well he had 1 million dollars, but it turned out it was more like 750 dollars.

Jennifer Atler was a close friend of Seth Weiss, but her family became victims too, losing 200 thousand dollars.

“I mean, it’s terrible. It’s just, it’s a broken trust and it’s terrible, terrible,” said Atler. “And I think it’s a lack of justice that nothing has been received for the people from whom he stole that money.”

Remember, the date of the Rome victory lap was Oct. 8, 2015.

So why did Rome fight our request to simply see how much of that big judgement Colorado had collected after three years. What’s the big secret?

Now we know. Rome admits Colorado hasn’t collected a penny. Worse, there’s evidence Rome’s office knew there was no money, so why brag about it?

“I think what I was hoping for was a criminal prosecution that would have meted out some sort of justice even more than the money, but of course I would love to get our money back,” said Atler.

The investigation by Dolcefino Consulting has already exposed bureaucratic breakdown for victims of fraud. Rome refuses to sit down for an interview citing a lawsuit filed by Dolcefino Consulting over the production of public records.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that Mr. Rome is giving Coloradoans a false sense of security. The record of collections against fraudster is simply unacceptable,” said Wayne Dolcefino, president of Dolcefino Consulting. “Mr. Rome has the obligation to make sure if he’s going to brag about big money he won for Coloradoans he better care about what happens next.”

Dolcefino Consulting investigation has already proven that the collection of money for fraud victims is abysmal. Since 2008, 187 million dollars has been by the Security commissioner. Less than 3 million has been paid.

Since Rome has become security commissioner the amount of money won for fraud victims has dropped dramatically.

The Weiss case is the biggest judgement Rome has won since he took the office in 2014. Colorado hasn’t collected a penny. Seth Weiss still lives in a 1.2-million-dollar home in Englewood, Colorado outside Denver.

“I’ve had no communication,” said Atler. “I’ve heard nothing from the state to my knowledge that I can recall.”

Houston Fire Station 67 is special to me.

Years ago, 13 Undercover exposed the broken ladder truck that was sent to a burning house.

Two children died. The result was a lot of new fire equipment.

Mayor Turner has said nothing about our recent report showing the fleet is in a crisis.

I wonder if he’s checked the fire station closest to his house, that very same fire station.

Records provided by the Houston Fire Department show the fire engine in Turner’s neighborhood fire station was taken out of service for maintenance 127 times in two years.

The fire engine was unable to respond to calls at the mayor’s house a total of 437 hours.

The story on ladder 67 was sadly just as bad. It was broken 61 times, the most in the entire council district. Twice there was no ladder truck for ten straight hours for the Acres Home neighborhood.

The mayor doesn’t deserve better fire protection than the rest of us, but we would hate to think that if he called for help, the neighborhood fire station would be empty.

You can see how your neighborhood fire station fared from aging and broken equipment clicking on State of Emergency: The Cost of a Broken Houston Fire Fleet.

Secret government maps detail the scary result if an earthen dam in Caldwell County ever breaches.

The projected possible death toll – 318 people.

The maps were obtained by Dolcefino Consulting as part of our widening investigation of Site 21, and the warnings that putting a 17-storey garbage dump next to it has serious risks to life and property.

The TCEQ has approved a permit for the 130-dump operated by controversial trash firm Green Group, ignoring warnings from even the agency own public watchdog the dump next to the dam spells trouble.

The fear is that garbage will blow in and block a critical pipe which helps relieve pressure in flood events.

“In coming days, we will continue to expose what the politicians haven’t told the families at greatest risk”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, the Houston based investigative communications firm that helped defeat another proposed Green Group dump in Waller County near Hempstead. “You don’t have to be an engineer to understand the dumpsite creates a potential danger that voters in Caldwell County have just not been warned about.”

Site 21 is one of 1,364 high hazard dumps in Texas. We have learned TCEQ Commissioners never consulted its own Dam Safety Engineers before approving the Green Group permit.

There are increasing questions the agency set up to protect our environment failed to take Site 21 seriously enough. The last inspection by TCEQ dam safety engineers was in July 2014, three years before the dump was approved.

Also frightening, documents obtained by Dolcefino Consulting show the dam safety program waited a year to even send the results of the inspection to the folks who manage Site 21, the Plum Creek Conservation District. We also know Plum Creek never even responded to State Dam Safety Officials.

The secret government maps are considered a Homeland Security Secret, and we found residents along Alamo Drive who didn’t even know they lived closely downstream from the dam.

“I mean the trash is going to get infected with the water and it is just going to mess up everything for us out here,” said Felix Christian, who lives in the neighborhood south of the dam. “It is going to make us move from a property that we have built up and that we have paid for a minute now and you know we can’t afford that, we can’t afford to go somewhere else and to move on.”

Felix Christian says his neighbors are worried about the dump and what it will do to health and safety. His grandparents built the home he now shares with them.

“Whoever is trying to run the trash, whoever it is, it is not a healthy choice for anybody out there,” said Christian.

Opponents of the dump say the maps show the deadly consequences of the warnings they have been making.

“I was really disappointed in them not even discussing the high hazard dam,” said Frank Shugrue, a longtime opponent of Green Group’s plan. “I mean you heard it there. If it fails, there are lives at stake. And they are going to allow a permit that puts in a landfill upstream of this high hazard dam Site 21 is now being renovated just to come up to the high hazard standards.”

“It is not too late for the TCEQ to rethink this,” says Dolcefino. “The proposed 130 dump is next to a floodplain, virtually on top of an aquifer, and next door to the dam that if breached will inundate thousands of people. Why would the state be willing to take that chance. If something goes wrong, there will be outrage and serous financial consequences.”

Plum Creek Conservation District has the power to block the dump but took a neutral position in the permit fight. The members are appointed by the Caldwell County Commissioners Court, which has voted to stop the legal fight, and offer concessions to Green Group without getting any more environmental protections in return

Stay tuned. We follow the e-mail trail. What we found raises serious questions about Plum Creek’s maintainer of the dam

We have seen troubling e-mails that What we have discovered raises serious questions about Plum Creeks maintenance of the dam.

“The public has been kept in the dark for months by Commissioners Court about the Green Group dump”, says Dolcefino. “It is time for a public hearing to tell people the truth about the potential danger. Anything else is unacceptable. Caldwell County voters elect a new court in November.”


Rodeo goes after rape victim to give charity records secret…What a proud moment for the Livestock Show. Really?

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has filed legal action against Dolcefino Consulting and a trail ride rape victim to keep charity records secret.

“The Livestock Show wants to drag a young rape victim into a Houston court because they are mad at me for asking questions,” says Dolcefino Consulting president Wayne Dolcefino. “Shame on them. They have exposed their true character.”

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The billboards are showing up all over Houston highways. They have a warning to hurricane victims.

Keep an eye on your electrician.

The billboards are the creation of lifetime Houstonian Scott Van Dyke, who is locked in a big legal battle with the folks who did the repairs on his home after Hurricane Ike.

Not just any home. Van Dyke bought the old MD Anderson mansion in the Museum District.

“I wanted to get the message out that there is a lot going on behind the walls in my opinion that people are not aware of and could come back and either burn down their homes or even kill them,” says Van Dyke.

Lots of Houstonians are complaining about post-hurricane contractors these days. Van Dyke’s case in in the courts, waiting for a decision by the 14th Court of Appeals.

Van Dyke had stopped paying the bills when the cost of the work went way over what he was told it would cost. He got sued by the contractor.

 That’s when he first learned a lot of the electrical work didn’t meet code and was dangerous.

The jury in Van Dyke’s case sided with the contractor and ever since Van Dyke has been on a mission, wanting to warn Houstonians to check the work as it’s being done.

The case also has raised questions about possible conflicts of interest.

The contractor fighting Van Dyke paid a member of the City of Houston electric board to help him win the case. The electric board polices fights over electrical work to make sure it’s safe.

“If a person is on the electrical board they should not be allowed to be a paid expert in an electrical lawsuit because the very reason the contractor is hiring him is because of his influence.”

The 14th court of appeals hasn’t ruled yet, but Van Dyke hopes the billboards can save a life.

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is losing money fast as its largest corporate sponsors are fleeing a sinking ship. Those jumping ship include three of the largest Hispanic owned businesses in America.

Now the word is getting out through angry members and anonymous sources. Members across the country are demanding answers. The anonymous sources want USHCC exposed. With pressure mounting, there is evidence the national Hispanic business organization is imploding.

In what looks like an act of desperation to plug the holes of the leaky ship, the USHCC has now called in law enforcement. USHCC Board Co-chair Carmen Castillo acknowledged law enforcement had been called about an e-mail sent to Hispanic business leaders all over the country. The e-mail paints a bleak picture of the organization.

The e-mail, sent by a group called Latinas Unleashed, alleges the Chamber is collapsing financially, with only about $40,000 still left in the bank, while one official is living large in a $400 a night suite at the W Hotel.

We already know corporate sponsors have left the USHCC. The organization has lost multiple key board members. Other key board members have reportedly been missing in action, failing to attend important meetings, fund raisers, kick off dinners and emergency conferences.

This all seems to be in response to the dismissal of Javier Palomarez, the longtime CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Palomarez was accused of financial misconduct, but the allegations were proven false. Palomarez has denied an allegation of sexual harassment made five years after it supposedly happened by an employee who only complained after she was fired.

In recent days, Palomarez has broken his silence on the Chamber infighting, by revealing that Nina Vaca, a powerful Dallas businesswoman and the Chairwoman of the Chamber Foundation, and Palomarez’s then boss, orchestrated the assassination of his reputation.

Palomarez has compelling evidence he engaged in a long-term extra-marital affair with Vaca. She denies the affair existed, but text messages, bank records, and sworn witness statements say otherwise. Palomarez says Vaca created trouble after he terminated the relationship to repair the damage done to his marriage of 37 years.

In a new video, Palomarez says Vaca engineered his ousting as CEO because she was angry that he ended their long term romantic relationship. This video on YouTube has been making the rounds in the Hispanic business community and corporations that have financed the U.S. Hispanic Chamber. The message is clear: #metoo should work both ways.

Adding fuel to the fire, lawyers for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce wanted worried Hispanic members and sponsors to believe the video had been removed.

Attorneys Brian Scotti and Mercedes Colwin of the law firm of Gordon and Rees now say they have been hired to represent the U.S. Hispanic Chamber “with respect to the issues raised by Mr. Palomarez in his since removed YouTube interview.”

“Their lawyers contacted me last week begging me to take it down. I politely refused. Maybe they will call the cops on me next,” stated Houston-based attorney Chad Pinkerton, who represents Palomarez. The video was never taken down. It still remains up. “I guess it stings a bit when the shoe is on the other foot. Why are they whining so much about some little ole video? Perhaps it hit a nerve,” scoffed Pinkerton.

A simple check of YouTube shows the USHCC lawyers aren’t telling the truth.

“Those Washington lawyers ought to refresh their YouTube page because the Palomarez interview is not only there, but it is a must watch video,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Houston based investigative communications firm that conducted Palomarez’s first on camera interview after he left the chamber.

Here’s the link….

“Mr. Palomarez made the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a big player in Washington, financially healthy, a magnet for rising Hispanic business. Look how quickly the organization imploded after he left. Look what Nina Vaca did to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. What a shame,” says Dolcefino.

“It seems like the Chamber has bigger fish to fry than emails and videos. They ought to start looking for new sponsors and replacing board members,” says Pinkerton. “You know why that won’t happen? The Chamber lost the guy who made it happen over the last decade. Javier built that organization and what did they do, they assassinated his character and reputation. Now they are bringing the house down on themselves.”

The largest Hispanic business group in the country appears to be rapidly taking on water.

“Get the bucket out boys and girls, as it is sink or swim time now,” says Pinkerton.

Tune in for more details. Coming soon.

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