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You can’t put a price tag on our kids’ future

Monday morning the Caldwell County Judge will ask commissioners to stop years of fighting against the controversial 130 garbage dump.

Surrender. Give a big green light to a garbage company with a documented history of controversy.

The cited reason is money. Caldwell County has spent about 100,000 dollars fighting the proposed permit. They like to quote a much higher figure, but that money was really spent
fighting requests for public records about the landfill deal. That’s money that was wasted.

In recent weeks, the Commissioners have heard the pleas to fight until the end, both in a spirited rally at the Lytton Springs General Store, then a rare jam-packed evening session of Caldwell
County Commissioners Court. There has been only one meeting of a committee to examine a possible host agreement with Green Group. That meeting was a waste of time.

If Judge Schawe gets his way, he will be responsible for the health and future of thousands of children who will live near the tower of trash and the possible environmental damage it will

Surrendering to save a few bucks now is a mistake that will lead to generations of lasting consequences.


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