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Momentum is growing to stop Houston Mayor Sylvester and Houston City Council from making a multi-million-dollar mistake.

Houston’s best-known environmentalist, Attorney and Rice University Professor James Blackburn is calling on City leaders to reject the proposed recycling contract with FCC Environmental Services. Back in 2014, Blackburn was one of a 10 member panel appointed by former Mayor Annise Parker to advise the city on the feasibility of the One Bin For All program that could end the need for expensive and dirty landfills.

In his letter, Blackburn states, “no solution comes close to the One Bin For All concept,” and calls it a “true view of the future.” He urges City leaders to “help lead us to that future by example.”

Blackburn also called the proposed 15-year contract with FCC way too long stating that it ties the City to a program that is “inferior and beneath the standards that should exist for a great city.”

Mayor Turner announced the deal with FCC late last month and lost his cool when reporters started questioning the details and the flip flop on Houston’s recycling future. The city already lost a potential $70 million-dollar federal grant because of Turner’s about face. When asked about One Bin For All, Mayor Turner said it was a deal put together by the previous administration that he had no requirement to continue.

Documents have surfaced alleging Solid Waste Boss Harry Hayes may have been playing favorites for big garbage companies, who stand to lose millions if One Bin was chosen. Adding to the allegations of possible corruption, Mayor Turner is fighting release of phone records, e-mails, even documents that identify the process used to pick the proposed new FCC deal.

Despite the Mayor’s objections to One Bin For All, the City was in support of the program at some point. The City of Houston’s own website still has a page up for the program.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the link: http://www.houstontx.gov/onebinforall/

George Gitschel, the inventor of the One Bin For All concept is urging all residents of the city of Houston to contact their city council member and ask they vote no on the deal with FCC.

The City Council Community Affairs Committee is scheduled to review the deal with FCC at 9:30 am tomorrow.

One Bin for All letter to Mayor and City Council 7.17.17
COH Community Affairs Agenda July 18
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