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The Houston firefighters who risk their lives to protect us simply want a chance for voters to decide in November if they deserve to be paid the same as police. The City Secretary’s office says it may not have enough folks to count the petitions to get it on the ballot. We are running out of time to make this happen.

We can’t hose the firefighters.

Dolcefino Consulting wants to make sure Houstonians get their chance to vote, so to City Secretary, Anna Russell we make this blazing offer: We will help count the petitions so the deadline is met. And, we will do it for free.

At a press conference Monday morning, the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association asked Mayor Turner to stop dragging his feet. Certify the 32,000 verified signatures now.

According to http://www.letthevotersdecide.us/ starting Fire Fighters make $28,900 per year. That’s $13,100 less than the starting salary of Houston Police. Since 2011, Police have gotten 26% pay raises, compared to the just 3% raises given to Fire Fighters.

“It’s just not fair,” says Wayne Dolcefino, president of Dolcefino Consulting, “Other cities have pay parity for fire and police. The Mayor’s office seems to be deliberately delaying a thing called democracy…let the voters decide.”

With only 2 weeks left to certify the names and draft an election order, time is short.

Mayor Turner, you have our number. Let’s get this done.

Houston Firefighters pay

Houston Firefighters pay

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