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Long time Harris County crime victims’ advocate Kim Ogg is calling for a criminal investigation into the dentist’s actions that left 4-year-old Nevaeh Hall severely brain damaged following a dental procedure.  The lawyer for the child’s family claims her dentist, Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson, physically restrained her, gave her excessive doses of medication, and waited four hours before calling 911.

Ogg says, “If these allegations are true, a Harris County Grand Jury criminal investigation should begin immediately.  In the law there are differences between a medical mistake and potentially criminal conduct,” says Ogg, “The District Attorney has the responsibility to find out exactly what happened to this child.”

Ogg is challenging District Attorney Devon Anderson in November for the job of Harris County District Attorney.

Ogg is available for comment.

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This is the schedule for Kim Ogg on Primary Day.

7:00 – 8:30 – Bering Memorial UMC – 1440 Harold

Breakfast Café Guadalupana

10:00 – 10:30 – Drop by home polling place – 1435 Beall

11:30 – 1:00 – Pershing Middle School – 3838 Blue Bonnet Blvd.

Lunch New York Deli

4:30 – 5:30 – GW Carver High School – 2100 South Victoria

7:00 – 11:00 – Watch Party at Ladybird’s – 5519 Allen

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Even after you are found innocent of a crime, you will still face the stain on your criminal history. These criminal records can keep you from getting a job or housing.

It isn’t fair.

Kim Ogg believes the Harris County District Attorney’s office should help innocent Houstonians clean up their criminal arrest record.  Ogg is not waiting until she gets elected in November to make it happen.

This Saturday, the news media is invited to join Ogg’s team of pro bono lawyers at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church between 10am and 2pm.

Ogg and a team of volunteer lawyers will be on hand to review the criminal records of Houstonians who were wrongfully arrested, or who successfully completed their probations. Those with eligible cases will be referred to partnering law school clinics at U of H, South Texas College of Law, and TSU for additional help. 

The best news is this legal help is free, courtesy of the Ogg campaign for Harris County District Attorney.

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church is located at 3826 Wheeler Avenue, Houston, Texas 77004.

“People with criminal records have trouble getting jobs, housing and education.  When the government gets it wrong, and it hurts somebody, then the government needs to make it right. We can start right now by helping people clean up their records,” said Ogg.

The “Clean Up Your Record Days” have already helped dozens of low- income Houstonians.

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Kim Ogg statement on Planned Parenthood following the action of a Harris County grand jury.

“This grand jury has reaffirmed that Planned Parenthood is protecting women’s health and is not engaging in criminal acts. I offer my congratulations for this long-awaited vindication. I hope
this is the first by product of an independent, randomly-selected grand jury system replacing the historic good ole boy network of past grand juries. With the rigged system we have always had, an
indictment like this would likely not have happened.”

“The Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson now tells us that their investigations ‘go where the evidence goes.’ I only hope that policy prevails as the Harris County District Attorney’s
Office takes up future cases of police and prosecutorial misconduct and public corruption in Houston.”

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Ogg wages campaign to help innocent


Hundreds of Houstonians arrested for crimes every year in Houston are found innocent in trial, have their cases dismissed, and are eligible for expunction of their criminal records. Thousands more are eligible to have their records hidden from public view. Kim Ogg believes the District Attorney’s Office should help them in cleaning up their criminal arrest record.

kimoggphotoOgg is not waiting until she gets elected in November to make it happen.

On Saturday morning, a team of volunteer lawyers assembled by Ogg, will screen program participants’ local criminal records for eligibility. Those with eligible cases will be referred to partnering law school clinics at U of H, South Texas College of Law, and TSU. The cost is free.

The media is invited to see lives being changed. “Clean Up Your Life Day” will be held from 12 to 3 p.m. Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. The church is located at 902 West 8th Street, Houston, Texas 77007. Kim will be available for interviews at 1:00 pm at Mt. Sinai.

“People with criminal records have trouble getting jobs, housing and education. When the government gets it wrong, and it hurts somebody, then the government needs to make it right. We can start right now by helping people clean up their records,” said Ogg.

Last month, the “Clean Up Your Record Day” helped 42 low-income women at the Santa Maria Hostel, a non-profit serving homeless women.

Media Inquiries about the Saturday event can be directed to Wayne Dolcefino at 713-389-0810,


Kim Ogg says she will end prosecution of small-time marijuana cases if elected Harris County District Attorney in November.

Ogg, the former head of the Houston Anti-Gang Task Force, says the move will save approximately $10 million dollars annually, which she will direct towards aggressive investigation and prosecution of violent crimes and burglaries.

The move would lower the population of the Harris County jail population by approximately 12,000 individuals per year, reduce prosecutorial caseloads, and prevent many from a permanent criminal record.  Such records permanently damage a person’s employability, housing and education opportunities, even when the convictions are for crimes as minor as possession of a joint.

Ogg cites precedent for the policy inBrooklyn District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson’s move 18 months ago to stop filing misdemeanor marijuana cases. The reasons Thompson gave are identical with Houston’s situation:  waste of limited prosecutorial resources and longtime disparity and racial bias in possession case arrest rates of young, minority males compared to other groups, a trend Ogg vows to end.

“We’ve thrown non-violent, young people charged with small-time possession of pot into the same cells as murderers for too long,” says Ogg. “As District Attorney I will use the discretion given to my office to focus our limited resources on violent criminals and burglars.  Now is the time to get our public safety priorities straight. This is what 21stcentury justice is going to look like.”

Ogg is a former prosecutor and well-known victim right’s advocate. She has vowed to bring transparency and equal justice to the District Attorney’s Office and end the prosecutorial misconduct plaguing the current District Attorney.

A Houston doctor once accused of molesting a little 7-year old boy is a free man tonight and the Judge in the case has now accused Devon Anderson’s District Attorney’s office of a pattern of misconduct that tried to “pervert” justice.

The rare and stunning court order by State District Judge Stacey Bond of the 176th District Court detailed horrific allegations against Prosecutors Tiffany Johnson and Angela Weltin, including charges one prosecutor tried to make the race of the victim an issue in the case despite no evidence of racial motive.

“This is just the latest in a string of shocking chapters of prosecutorial misconduct in Devon Anderson’s Office,” says Kim Ogg, the leading candidate to oust Anderson in November. “This isn’t about politics, this is a culture. We have a DA’s office that is out of control playing with people’s lives to win cases. The injustice must stop.”

The court order declares Johnson’s closing arguments “provoked gasps and audible comments of disapproval from some members of the audience” and as a result of the prosecutorial misconduct, the Judge declared a mistrial but recommended imposing double jeopardy, meaning Dr. Robert Yetman could not tried again if the State’s highest court agrees with Judge Bond’s findings.

“The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is here to seek justice, not pervert it.  I call on Ms. Anderson to immediately take action against these prosecutors.  They know better,” says Ogg.

The case of Dr. Robert Yetman had made huge headlines this summer, when the thirty-year University of Texas physician was charged with indecency with a child. An internal investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Finding the prosecutors intentionally caused a mistrial in order to avoid a possible not-guilty verdict, Judge Bond declared that jeopardy should attach to Dr. Yetman’s case which would not permit the DA’s office to retry him for the same alleged offense.

Kim Ogg
Cell: 832-443-7699

Crime victim rights advocate Kim Ogg will be a featured speaker at this weekends National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws(NORML) conference.

The Saturday event will focus on the latest medical research regarding the use of marijuana for medical reasons by veterans.

One in five veterans returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and their options for treatment are currently limited to prescription drugs.  New clinical research is suggesting medical marijuana as a superior treatment for PTSD.

Criminal justice trends will also be discussed, including the relevance of marijuana prosecution in the 2014 and upcoming 2016 election.  Kim Ogg, candidate for Harris County District Attorney will discuss how treatment of marijuana offenders impacts Houston’s economy and public safety.  Ogg campaigned on a platform of ending bail,  jail, and permanent criminal records for small time marijuana users in 2014. 

“We have to stop the unncessary conviction of thousands of Houstonians for tiny amounts of marijuana whose criminal record makes them unemployable in our workforce,” says Ogg. “Taxpayers want their tax dollars spent catching and prosecuting the criminals who harm us.”

The conference will take place this Saturday, November 14 from 9:30am to 2:30pm at Trini Mendenhall Community Center located at 1414 Wirt Rd. in Houston. The event is free and open to the public.

Amber Cammack tried several times to alert authorities about an emaciated, whimpering dog with a telephone cord wrapped around its muzzle on her neighbor’s apartment balcony. She contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to complain multiple times.  No one ever responded.  After Cammack’s video of the dog went viral, she was arrested by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for Harassment.  After reports of the unjust arrest went viral, Devon Anderson reacted on Facebook informing the public that “no criminal charges would be filed against Cammack.” 

Kim Ogg, long time crime victims’ advocate, will appear at a press conference today held by Cammack’s attorney, Randall Kallinan, to ask the DA to fully investigate Ms. Cammack’s original animal abuse report and to ask why she did nothing in response to repeated internet complaints about the cruelty generated off the HCDAO website. 

“Since disbanding the Animal Cruelty Unit of the HCDAO, this District Attorney has done nothing to protect animals from senseless cruelty.  So few criminal cases have been filed since Anderson took office in 2013, it affirms nothing will be done to stop abusers and leaves the impression that animal cruelty is acceptable.”

“Reports of animal abuse must be responded to immediately.  Delayed response kills animals.  No response insures that even more abuse will occur.  Putting a complaint form on your website and then failing to follow up on the complaints is worse than doing nothing.” said Ogg.

Ogg will also discuss discuss her own platform on the subject and successful prosecution projects in other city’s DA’s Offices. 

Veteran Crime Victims Advocate Kim Ogg is blasting the failure of the Harris County District Attorney and local police to put body cameras on Houston street cops.

In testimony before Houston City Council, Ogg chastised HPD for taking so long to get the body cameras on the streets, and warned HPD’s drafted policy leaves critical law enforcement questions unanswered.

When will the cameras be turned on? How will the records be stored? How quickly will the evidence be given to prosecutors?

Ogg also criticized the leadership of Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson for being silent on the delays. Almost a year ago, Anderson sent over $2 million dollars in asset forfeiture funds to outfit Houston Police and Harris County Deputies after a spate of headlines.

“Signing a check isn’t leadership,” says Ogg. “Where has the DA been ever since? Why hasn’t she demanded a system of transparency and accountability? Once again Devon Anderson is invisible when the tough work begins. Body cameras have the potential to affect 120,000 criminal cases and 2 million traffic tickets.”

“Where is the DA? She is MIA,” says Ogg. “And every day she doesn’t do her job is another day that justice is compromised!”