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The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is losing money fast as its largest corporate sponsors are fleeing a sinking ship. Those jumping ship include three of the largest Hispanic owned businesses in America.

Now the word is getting out through angry members and anonymous sources. Members across the country are demanding answers. The anonymous sources want USHCC exposed. With pressure mounting, there is evidence the national Hispanic business organization is imploding.

In what looks like an act of desperation to plug the holes of the leaky ship, the USHCC has now called in law enforcement. USHCC Board Co-chair Carmen Castillo acknowledged law enforcement had been called about an e-mail sent to Hispanic business leaders all over the country. The e-mail paints a bleak picture of the organization.

The e-mail, sent by a group called Latinas Unleashed, alleges the Chamber is collapsing financially, with only about $40,000 still left in the bank, while one official is living large in a $400 a night suite at the W Hotel.

We already know corporate sponsors have left the USHCC. The organization has lost multiple key board members. Other key board members have reportedly been missing in action, failing to attend important meetings, fund raisers, kick off dinners and emergency conferences.

This all seems to be in response to the dismissal of Javier Palomarez, the longtime CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Palomarez was accused of financial misconduct, but the allegations were proven false. Palomarez has denied an allegation of sexual harassment made five years after it supposedly happened by an employee who only complained after she was fired.

In recent days, Palomarez has broken his silence on the Chamber infighting, by revealing that Nina Vaca, a powerful Dallas businesswoman and the Chairwoman of the Chamber Foundation, and Palomarez’s then boss, orchestrated the assassination of his reputation.

Palomarez has compelling evidence he engaged in a long-term extra-marital affair with Vaca. She denies the affair existed, but text messages, bank records, and sworn witness statements say otherwise. Palomarez says Vaca created trouble after he terminated the relationship to repair the damage done to his marriage of 37 years.

In a new video, Palomarez says Vaca engineered his ousting as CEO because she was angry that he ended their long term romantic relationship. This video on YouTube has been making the rounds in the Hispanic business community and corporations that have financed the U.S. Hispanic Chamber. The message is clear: #metoo should work both ways.

Adding fuel to the fire, lawyers for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce wanted worried Hispanic members and sponsors to believe the video had been removed.

Attorneys Brian Scotti and Mercedes Colwin of the law firm of Gordon and Rees now say they have been hired to represent the U.S. Hispanic Chamber “with respect to the issues raised by Mr. Palomarez in his since removed YouTube interview.”

“Their lawyers contacted me last week begging me to take it down. I politely refused. Maybe they will call the cops on me next,” stated Houston-based attorney Chad Pinkerton, who represents Palomarez. The video was never taken down. It still remains up. “I guess it stings a bit when the shoe is on the other foot. Why are they whining so much about some little ole video? Perhaps it hit a nerve,” scoffed Pinkerton.

A simple check of YouTube shows the USHCC lawyers aren’t telling the truth.

“Those Washington lawyers ought to refresh their YouTube page because the Palomarez interview is not only there, but it is a must watch video,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Houston based investigative communications firm that conducted Palomarez’s first on camera interview after he left the chamber.

Here’s the link….

“Mr. Palomarez made the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a big player in Washington, financially healthy, a magnet for rising Hispanic business. Look how quickly the organization imploded after he left. Look what Nina Vaca did to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. What a shame,” says Dolcefino.

“It seems like the Chamber has bigger fish to fry than emails and videos. They ought to start looking for new sponsors and replacing board members,” says Pinkerton. “You know why that won’t happen? The Chamber lost the guy who made it happen over the last decade. Javier built that organization and what did they do, they assassinated his character and reputation. Now they are bringing the house down on themselves.”

The largest Hispanic business group in the country appears to be rapidly taking on water.

“Get the bucket out boys and girls, as it is sink or swim time now,” says Pinkerton.

Tune in for more details. Coming soon.

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Houstonians’ safety is being compromised every day by a fire fleet so broken neighborhood fire stations are often empty or unable to respond to calls for help.

Now, for the first time, you can see how your neighborhood fire station is being harmed.

Dolcefino Consulting has spent months analyzing thousands of individual pieces of data to prove how many hours fire stations are left empty or disabled. We now release this report, State of Emergency, the cost of a broken fire fleet, as a gift to Houston taxpayers and a warning to the Mayor.

Dolcefino Consulting began looking into the state of the Houston Fire Department as we watched the nightly news reports of broken fire equipment. The idea that we are sending firefighters to save lives with aging equipment and broken air conditioning systems is unacceptable, especially in the heat of the summer.

“We were shocked by the true magnitude of this crisis, and it is a crisis,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “When Houstonians drive by their fire station and see it empty they assume the firefighters are out saving lives. This investigation proves that it may simply be the truck is broken and missing. Even if the truck is in the station, it may be unable to fight a fire.”

Over the last two years, Houston Fire Department data reveals first line Houston fire engines have been missing or unable to respond to fires a total of 21,000 hours, a staggering cost to response time when seconds matter.

Engine 55 in District D is located at 11212 Cullen Blvd in south Houston. Engine 55 had 168 breakdown events in the two-year period, with a truck out for more than 400 hours.

“What should also scare Houstonians is that the Fire Department fleet management didn’t even know this. They don’t even track the hours fire stations were left empty until a backup reserve truck could arrive to help. If their records are accurate, some stations may have been left empty for days,” says Dolcefino. “How do you run a fleet management department and not know this?”

Fire Department records provided to Dolcefino Consulting show Station 104 had an engine out of service for nearly 8 days in one incident. Station 29 had a ladder out for 10 and a half days during one event.

Fleet Management records show that when the day begins, sometimes more than 15 percent of the first line Houston fire trucks are in the shop. On some days, more than 20 of the 100 first line engines and ladders are broken.

Dolcefino Consulting has taken the raw data and created a database, so you can now see the truth about the fire truck in your neighborhood, by fire station and by council district.

“Every single city councilmember should read this document and what it means for the safety of their residents. It is time to put the name calling aside and get these heroes the equipment and the pay they deserve, says Dolcefino.”

The broken fleet is costing precious seconds when seconds count.

One example was an apartment fire on January 20, 2018. Fire Engine 10 started smoking just as it left the fire station. It could not respond. It took four and a half hours for a reserve truck to arrive at the station. It is one of many incidents that Houston firefighters are now making public on social media. Instead of acting to fix this emergency, critical firefighters are being investigated.

“If you call for help and your neighborhood fire truck can’t respond, no one can tell you it doesn’t affect the response time,” says Dolcefino. “It is incredibly sad that the response from the fire official in charge of emergency response, Executive Assistant Fire Chief Isaac Garcia, is to try to silence the men and women we count on to save us in an emergency who are begging for help.”

The June 21 memo from Garcia to all employees says that no member of the HFD should be speaking to the media.

The difficulty in analyzing this data exposes another problem. Broken Houston fire trucks go to the same centralized mechanic shop as every other city truck. That should end. We need specialized repairmen for life saving equipment. The current system requires the Houston Fire Department fleet management to be at the mercy of another city department. There is too much bureaucracy.

Where can you see how your neighborhood fire truck fared? How many hours was your fire station left empty or disabled because of an aging fleet?

Click here for the State of Emergency: The Cost of a Broken Houston Fire Fleet site. You can download or view the full report and the supporting documents. We have fleet reports from the HFD as well as raw data that can be viewed for specific breakdowns on any date in 2016 and 2017.

The final analysis documents explain the size of the problem in a form that is easy to understand.

If you have tips showing how this State of Emergency affected the call for help to your home, you can contact us on

“We offer our help to the Mayor and City Council to discuss this investigation at length if it helps them fix this problem before someone gets hurt or dies because of a broken fire truck. We all want to know the help will come fast, and from first responders who are respected for the lifesaving work they do,” says Dolcefino. “It is time to treat this as a State of Emergency.”

Woodland’s Attorney Mary Van Orman has an apology to make and a check to write.
Montgomery County District Judge Tracy Gilbert has spent the last few days looking at videotapes of Van Orman’s bizarre conduct in action, including outbursts in a Conroe restaurant in a room full of patrons.

Guess he saw enough.

Van Orman has now been ordered to apologize to Conroe Attorney Kate Bihm for her recent conduct, and then deliver a check for $1,500.00 to Bihm’s office by the end of the month.

Bihm had filed a motion accusing Van Orman of “cruel, boorish, and bizarre behavior.”

“During a day-long hearing last week Van Orman certainly proved up the bizarre part,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “She took turns crying and smiling all day long. I am sorry I couldn’t videotape it to share.”

As part of her punishment, Van Orman has been ordered to complete a legal education course online. It is entitled “The Power of Professionalism as a Strategy for Effective Advocacy,” and then she has to send the Judge proof she took the class.

I think we all get the point.

In court, Van Orman seemed fixated on reporting by Dolcefino Consulting on her conduct in another divorce case. She may soon have to explain to another Judge if she told the truth in her court.

Van Orman had told Houston Judge Lisa Millard that she would be unable to attend the final hearing in the high dollar Menger divorce case because she was in trial in Judge Gilbert’s court in Montgomery County. According to Montgomery County records, no hearing was held on February 27, 2018 in the other case.

We will be in Judge Millard’s court the next time Mary Van Orman shows up in the Menger case, and please let us bring a camera. Some things deserve to be recorded for future law students.

Mary Van Orman Sanction

Javier Palomarez, the former head of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has been cleared of any financial wrongdoing.

Now he is speaking out exclusively for the first time since he resigned in February to Dolcefino Consulting, the Texas based Investigative Communications Firm.

“I am a good Texican. I was raised to never start a fight, but I was raised to not walk away from a fight either,”says Palomarez.

Javier Palomarez was the Chief Executive Officer of the nation’s largest Hispanic business advocacy group until February, resigning shortly after media outlets, including Buzz Feed and the New York Times, reported he was under investigation for alleged embezzlement.

Now the rest of the story. Palomarez had been courted to run for Governor of Texas as a Democrat this year, but his political fortunes were derailed after the scandal broke.

Palomarez has been silent since February, even though just hours after the news headlines devastated his reputation, he learned an ad hoc committee of the Chamber had already cleared his name.

“I have been called a lot of things, but I am not a liar and not a thief,” Palomarez says in the interview released on Facebook and to news organizations around the country.

Former Chairman of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Don Salazar has also broken his silence. In an affidavit obtained by Palomarez’s attorneys. Salazar confirms the whole embezzlement scandal was made up.

“There was never any credible evidence presented to the board to support any such claims or allegations,” swears Salazar.

Marc Rodriguez, a former Chairman of the Hispanic Chamber Board and member of it’s compensation committee, has also provided an affidavit supporting Palomarez.

“The USHCC ultimately cleared Mr. Palomarez of all wrongdoing. He did not embezzle a single penny to my knowledge,” says Rodriguez.

So why did the Hispanic Chamber refuse to clear Palomarez name?

Salazar and Rodriguez lay the blame for the scandal on Nina Vaca, a prominent businesswoman in Dallas who owns Pinnacle, and is Chairwoman of the United States Hispanic Chamber’s foundation.

Palomarez is now publicly discussing his sexual affair with Vaca for the first time, and says the investigation was sparked by her vengeance after he broke off the relationship almost two years ago.

“The only other difficult thing is facing my wife and life partner of 37 years and admitting to her that I failed her,” Palomarez confessed after a difficult conversation with his wife.

I will work the rest of my life to earn her forgiveness. Though, I don’t know that I will ever be able to forgive myself.

Palomarez is now armed with sordid sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses to the affair, along with text messages from Vaca that will prove highly embarrassing.
In one, Vaca tells Palomarez “I fell asleep thinking and wake up thinking about you, and I love you.”

Palomarez has released just some of the text messages, and pictures of lavish gifts Vaca showered him with.
There are also bank records, showing Vaca’s Dallas company paid $120,000 towards his home in the nation’s capital. How will Vaca explain that use of funds?

Palomarez had saved the U.S. Hispanic Chamber from financial ruin when he joined in October of 2009. He had become a major voice for the Hispanic business community in the years since, with a compelling life story,the son of migrant farm workers who grew up in a one room shack with nine siblings to lead the US HispanicChamber of Commerce.

Since his resignation in February, corporate sponsors are reportedly fleeing the Chamber and it is mired in financial problems. The majority of Chamber Board Members and staff members have followed Palomarez out of the door.

“I don’t know if they can ever restore the damage that has been done there, but if I have an opportunity to set the record straight I owe it to my friends, to the people who believed in this association, who believed in me,” says Palomarez.

Vaca and her lawyers have denied the Palomarez affair allegations, but there is little question she orchestrated the move to oust Palomarez without disclosing the depth of her relationship with him.

Palomarez is also fighting back against allegations of sexual harassment. He also fell victim to the #metoomovement, which is now under fire for the lack of due process.

Palomarez’s former Chief of Staff, Gissel Gazek Nicholas, claimed that in 2013, Palomarez tried to kiss her once and touched her back. She waited five years to make the complaint, and only did so after she was Gazek Nicholas claims the alleged attempted kiss was sexual assault, but she hasn’t explained why she stayed another five years, all the while reporting to and travelling with Palomarez around the country.

“It is not true, and even if it was, it does a disservice to the women who actually have been harmed and assaulted,” says Palomarez.

Palomarez resigned to try and save the Chamber from being torn apart by dissension but has now hired Houston based lawyers Chad Pinkerton and Andrew Cobos in the fight to restore his reputation.

“The USHCC, Nina Vaca and their co-conspirators did a horrible disservice to millions of Hispanic Americans,” says Pinkerton. “Revenge destroyed a hard-working advocate for Hispanic Americans, perhaps the nation’s leading voice for his community. We plan to expose this conspiracy, Miss Vaca, and all of her cohorts. They will be shown no mercy. They will be given no quarter.”

A number of corporate executives linked to the Hispanic Chamber have received demand letters and requests for sworn statements, a sign that Palomarez is ready to fight to restore his good name.

Compensation Investigation email
Palomarez and Vaca Text Messages

Javier Palomarez Checks
Vaca Termination from USHCC

Don Salazar Affidavit
Don Salazar Affidavit

Harris County State District Judge Steve Kirkland has soundly rejected attempts by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to hide financial records from the public.

The Rodeo had gone to court to try to block requests from Dolcefino Consulting for security records and any records of settlements for sexual assault or harassment, arguing a current rape lawsuit involving the rodeo protected it from state charity laws.

“Judge Kirkland delivered a clear message Friday morning that the rodeo isn’t the sacred cow it pretends to be, and that charity laws require them to follow the law”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

Dolcefino’s Investigative communications firm has already questioned the small ten percent of Rodeo donations going to student scholarships. Questions about payments to law enforcement personnel became an issue after both Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office claimed they couldn’t find a single incident report of alleged crime at the rodeo for the entire two-week event.

“Given that the rodeo solicits donations and volunteers all throughout the Houston community and doesn’t want to open up its financial records, I find it concerning”, says Houston Attorney Ben Roberts of the Pinkerton law firm.

The Pinkerton law firm has sued the Rodeo in the rape case of Brie Ana Williams, the young women brutally assaulted during a warm up trail ride event put on by the Los Vaqueros trail ride group.

Los Vaqueros was not allowed to participate in this year’s rodeo parade, but the rape happened in 2012, and the Rodeo only pulled the plug after the lawsuit was filed and became headline news.

The rape lawsuit is probing what the Rodeo knew and when they knew it.

“Imagine that every year when March rolls around, all you hear about is the rodeo, and you hear about the trail ride and the parade coming through town…and one of the men that raped her is continuing to ride in this parade, smiling and waving to children as if nothing ever happened. It is a slap in the face and constantly reopening very deep wounds”, says Roberts.

Dolcefino Consulting has already filed a criminal complaint against the Rodeo and has also asked for records detailing lobbying expenses and details of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Caribbean and Central American Investments.

“Hopefully our District Attorney will take a message from the judge too and give the Rodeo an ultimatum, cough up the records or get charged with a crime,” says Dolcefino. “The legislature made this a crime for a very good reason. It is time for Ms. Ogg to act.”

There’s more trouble brewing for Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman.

Van Orman now faces sanctions hearing in the 418 th District Court in Montgomery County.

Conroe attorney Kate Bihm filed a motion for sanctions against Van Orman, accusing her in an eleven-page motion of “cruel, boorish, and bizarre behavior.”

The motion details how Van Orman showed in court two hours late, without shoes on her feet. It further goes on to states that Van Orman has repeatedly been late to hearings and
on March 20, 2018, failed to appear at a hearing entirely.

What was Mary Van Orman doing on March 20, 2018? Why couldn’t she attend the
scheduled hearing?

Here’s what the motion says:

“Moreover, on March 19, 2018, the date on which Ms. Van Orman insists that she needed to be at her son’s bedside due to his medical condition, Ms. Van Orman posted on social
media that her son was flying by himself on United Airlines, belying her allegedly sworn motion for continuance that Ms. Van Orman could not travel.”

Did Mary Van Orman fib to a judge? Where have we heard that before?

Dolcefino Consulting has reported Van Orman told Houston Judge Lisa Millard that she would be unable to attend the final hearing in the Menger divorce case on February 27, 2018 because she was in trial in Judge Gilbert’s court in Montgomery County. According to Montgomery County records, no hearing was held on February 27, 2018 in the other case.

Bihm’s motion goes on to detail a phone call between Bihm and Van Orman where Van Orman asked Bihm to agree to a continuance in the child custody case. Bihm declined to agree to the continuance and according to Bihm’s motion, Van Orman responded by saying “God bless you, Kate, that’s why you’ll never be a mother, because you’re a f—–ng bitch.”

Van Orman apparently then hung up the phone.

According to Bihm this is not the first time Van Orman has used offensive language toward her. Bihm claims Van Orman called her an “a–hole” for objecting to rescheduling a hearing.

Bihm states in her motion that she was told by more than one attorney that Van Orman could be heard in the Red Brick Tavern “making statements to the effect that she would have Bihm’s “head on a plate.”

Bihm further alleges that Van Orman has called her vulgar names and claimed that Bihm is a liar and unethical. Bihm is asking Judge Gilbert, the very judge Van Orman got to sign an order to use to try and get out of the Menger hearing.

This is getting bizarre.

Family Injustice. What Judges will do the right thing and restore justice?

Mary Van Orman Sanction

There is no big secret where Dr. Steve Hotze stands politically.

He preaches family values a lot.

His political action committee, The Conservative Republicans of Texas, is feared in Republican circles for the influence it has on Republican political races in Texas.

In a video posted on the Hotze Health & Wellness Center’s website in April of 2014, Hotze is quoted as saying “My faith in Christ directs my personal and business life.”

What most folks don’t know is that Steve Hotze isn’t practicing what his website preaches.

In a Houston courtroom, Hotze is accused of trying to cheat his very own brothers out of their share of the Hotze family business, Compressor Engineering Corporation (CECO), a business his father started and gave to the five sons to share.

It is an ugly family fight that doesn’t seem to jive with the love your kinfolk routine.

Lawsuits make strange bedfellows.

You might think Hotze has Republican lawyers to hire if he really wants to drag the family business out in court.

Instead he hired John Zavitsanos of the law firm of Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C. Zavitsanos is a Democrat who has given money to the Democratic National Committee.

Wonder how that will go over at the Texas GOP Convention this week in San Antonio?

You see, the judge in the Hotze family feud is Fredericka Phillips of the 61st District Court here in Harris County. She is a Democrat too. In fact, Phillips is the Vice-Chairwoman of the Texas Democratic Party.

A funny thing happens when you look at Judge Phillips campaign reports.In the the 2016 political campaign Judge Phillips held her share of campaign fundraisers.

Judge Phillips is clearly a John Zavitsanos favorite.

In April 2016, the lawyers of his law firm donated $8,765.00 to Phillips’ campaign. His law firm threw in $5,000, and lawyers in the firm kicked in the rest.

On October 4, 2016, Phillips threw another fundraiser. There were 20 contributions made the event.Guess how many came from the Mr. Zavitsanos, his law firm and its lawyers?


The firm again donated $5,000 and kicked in for the food and drink. The event raised $8,025 with more than 90% of the donations coming from the AZA law firm or its employees.

After Judge Phillips got elected, she held yet another fundraiser a few months later.

The AZA law firm helped pay for the food and drink at that one too, and they kicked in another $5,000 for Phillips campaign funds, even though she had already been elected and wouldn’t have to run again for years.

Mr. Zavitsanos and his law firm were the top donors to Fredericka Phillips’ campaign in 2016, donating a whopping $20,790 to the campaign. Zavitsanos and company were also the top donors in 2017.

Hotze hired Zavitsanos in March of 2019. We asked the lawyer about his financial ties to the Judge.

“I was hired to try this case because I am a trial lawyer who goes to trial often, something that happens with great frequency with cases in many different courts,” says Zavitsanos.

That’s nice, but a lot of lawyers handle lots of cases, and last time I checked, there are plenty of Republican lawyers too.

Maybe you can argue Steve Hotze thought it was more important to hire a lawyer whose law firm gives a heck of a lot of money to the Judge then worry about party loyalty.

Steve Hotze told Dolcefino Consulting he doesn’t worry about how it looks for a guy who screams about family values to sue his own brothers over money.

Maybe beating his brothers in court and taking their money for himself trumps draining the swamp.

Woodlands based attorney Mary Van Orman will likely face some tough questions from two Texas District Judges in two different courthouses. She clearly has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Van Orman has asked for a new divorce trial for her Houston client Marek Menger, claiming another judge in Montgomery County prevented her from appearing at Menger’s final divorce hearing.

When lawyers have a conflict in their schedule they can request a protective order from a judge. Van Orman had a signed protective order from Judge Tracy Gilbert in Conroe for a child custody case being held in Montgomery County. When Judge Millard held the hearing in Houston anyway, Van Orman had to call in by phone instead. We’ve seen the transcript.

“I’m in the middle of a trial, but I just stepped out. We don’t stop at noon up here in Montgomery County,” Van Orman says. “I’ll take a picture if somebody wants to see a picture. Montgomery County Courthouse.”

Lawyers call on the phone into hearings all the time, so we don’t know why that should require a new trial, but Van Orman now has a bigger problem. Her credibility with the court.

The final judgement in the Menger divorce in Houston had been on the calendar for almost two weeks and was scheduled for February 27, 2018. Van Orman had agreed to the date. She also knew for five months the child custody case was scheduled to start February 26, 2018 in Conroe.

Here’s where it could be real sticky for Ms. Van Orman.

Judge Gilbert’s court tells us they have no records there was even a hearing in the child custody case on February 27, the date of the Menger hearing. Ms. Van Orman called in to the Houston court trying to convince Judge Millard she had done everything she could to try to convince Judge Gilbert to let her off the hook, but she was forced to be at the hearing in Conroe.

“I have tried everything to accommodate,” Van Orman told Judge Millard. She even quoted Judge Gilbert, ‘You are in trial with me.’”

Can’t wait to see how Ms. Van Orman explains this, but it also highlights questions about the practice of not getting your dates straight. Court hearings cost moms and dads money. Maybe it is time for lawyers to start remembering that.

Harris County Family Injustice investigation