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The Lockhart Post Register is refusing to run an ad that would educate Caldwell County Voters on how politicians wanting your vote stand on the proposed Green Group dump.

When readers complained, the newspaper sent this response.

“The advertisement submitted to us is potentially libelous, which is what we told Dolcefino.”

Not true.

First, the newspaper refused to tell us why they couldn’t run the ad, and when we asked what we could change to get it in the paper, they hung up on us.


The ad matches a political flyer Expose Green Group has placed in many Lockhart area stores. It is simply the answers to questions, records of the votes of public meetings, and details of phone records received under state law.

“The Lockhart Post Register has ignored this dump controversy, and cheated its readers,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “They should disclose immediately just how much ad money they have received from the garbage dump folks, Green Group.”

Here are the facts.

When Dolcefino Consulting first sought public records from Caldwell County, the County Judge spent tens of thousands of dollars of your taxpayer money on legal bills fighting your public right to know. They could have saved all that money.

The Lockhart Post Register was silent. How could the local paper not report the waste of taxpayer money?

When we learned former Caldwell County Judge Tom Bonn had destroyed public records as he left office, the District Attorney took no action.

The Lockhart Post Register was again silent.

We learned that Hoppy Haden and Ken Schawe had been secretly communicating with Green Group while county taxpayers were spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting the company to stop the dump. We even have video of the meetings where Haden himself admits it on the record.

The Lockhart Post Register was silent.

When the public counsel for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality warned the dump should be denied because it was potentially dangerous, we sent the newspaper his comments.

The Lockhart Post Register should have sounded an alarm. It didn’t.

The newspaper knows the 130 Environmental Park has no current plans to include an industrial park. It may employ less than a dozen people. Sure, the dump will share money with local government, but maybe all that money should go to the people who will see their property values drop, or worse, must live with the fear of contamination, the smell, the mix of garbage trucks with school buses.

“We think voters should be reminded how politicians stand. Who has kept their campaign promises? Commissioner Joe Roland has fought against the dump from the start. Judge Ken Schawe has fought your right to know about the dump. Those facts matter,” says Dolcefino.

Hoppy Haden helped set up a citizens committee to meet with Green Group. The company never showed, issued some demands, and then Haden just dissolved the committee. That matters. Haden was part of a group that promoted the dump.

Haden, Schawe, Theriot and Moses all voted to stop the legal fight against the dump, even though the lawyer paid by the county thought it was a bad move. Those facts matter.

Caldwell County says they have had no communications for months with Green Group. The garbage guys are waiting for the election results too.

Caldwell County has a siting ordinance that prohibits a dump where Green Group wants to put one. Will the new County Judge protect the ordinance, or toss it in the trash? What about commissioners?

Fred Bucholtz is running for Precinct 2. He doesn’t think the siting ordinance prohibits the dump. Facts matter.

Based on their votes and their campaign promises, we know that only two candidates for County Judge have publicly promised to fight the dump. Alfredo Munoz and Anna Ybarra. Ybarra says she will emphatically fight to protect the siting ordinance.

That is why we are challenging the editor of the Lockhart Post Register to a debate.

“This is not just about an ad anymore,” says Dolcefino, “Now that the newspaper is claiming our voter guide was potentially libelous, we would love to find out which part.”

The Lockhart Chamber of Commerce recently fought to hide e-mails about the dump, even though they are more than happy to get a bunch of tax money every year. More than happy to make money off a dump that other people will have to live near.

The newspaper has been silent on that too.

“Maybe catering to the Chamber of Commerce is good for business, but it is an insult to every small-town newspaper reporter who knew their job was to ask tough questions, even when it made them unpopular with the political class,” says Dolcefino.

We will come to Lockhart. We will even bring the camera. You can have one too. Let’s videotape the debate and put it on your website and ours. Won’t cost you a penny.

Let’s educate the voters together.

Open the latest edition of any newspaper, and you can clearly see it’s election season.

Advertisements of all sizes.

Check out the latest edition of the Lockhart Post Register. Political ads everywhere.

So why is the Caldwell County’s newspaper censoring Dolcefino Consulting, refusing our money to help educate voters on the proposed 17- story garbage dump and where the politicians stand?

It is no secret we have been investigating Green Group for years for a landowner in Hempstead, exposing questionable engineering and secret political meetings. In Caldwell County, we can now prove that some county commissioners were chatting with Green Group even while spending taxpayer’s money to fight them in court.

We created a political flyer, and a full-page, non-partisan, informational advertisement designed specifically to let voters know where the candidates for Caldwell County Judge and Commissioners Court stand on the landfill.

We reached out to all the candidates for County Judge and Commissioners Court, either by phone, email or both, and asked them two simple questions.

If elected to office, would you vote for or against the 130 Environmental Park, and why?
The current Lockhart siting ordinance prohibits building a landfill on the proposed 130 Environmental Park site. If elected to office, would you vote to defend the ordinance as it’s currently written, why or why not?

We gathered their responses, and photographs, and called the Lockhart Post Register to verify the price, size and deadline requirements for a full-page ad.

Dana Garrett of the Post Register now refuses to run the ad and says he can’t tell us why. It does not endorse any particular candidate, but simply identifies their history and positions on the dump.

When we asked Mr. Garrett how we could change it, he hung up on us!

“Everyone knows a garbage dump in Caldwell County isn’t needed and will affect the health and safety of folks for years to come,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “You would think the local newspaper would welcome diverse ads, but they don’t. Their bias is showing. The newspaper has been promoting the idea of a garbage dump. Wonder how much money they have made from the garbage guys?”



Texas Tech Officials called fans and alumni nitwits and nuts in e-mails obtained by Dolcefino Consulting.

In the wake of an angry reaction to the firing of Coach Mike Leach, the University even investigated the financial support of angry fans before deciding how they would respond, if at all.

The e-mails paint a disturbing portrait of Chancellor, Kent Hance and Former Regent, Jerry Turner. Turner led the effort to fire leach. The University never completed the thorough investigation they promised, and now fight the release of the investigation they did do.

For the first time, Dolcefino Consulting has discovered some Leach documents may already have been destroyed. We discovered a shared drive with Leach communications that was created at the time of the PR disaster but, has since been destroyed.

The e-mails we have now obtained will not sit well with the Red Raider nation.

Like this one, sent by Linda Steele, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor to Kent Hance as angry fan e-mails started pouring in after the Coach Leach ouster.


Chancellor Hance kept most of the e-mails secret from the Board of Regents, but it is clear Hance had a dime view of alumni and fans who were complaining.


E-Mails show Tech officials literally spied on the history of outraged fans, just to see how much money they had given to the University.

Texas Tech has fought for months to keep many of the Leach records secret.

“These new e-mails should anger the Red Raider Nation,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.” We know Texas Tech lied to the fans about the Leach case, and now we know what they think of the fans and alumni. Apparently buying a ticket to a game or spending tens of thousands of dollars in tuition doesn’t earn fans the right to cry foul.”

Tech is also fighting release of e-mails between former Chancellor, Kent Hance and his former Chief of Staff, Jodey Arrington.

Arrington is now a West Texas Congressman. His office has refused to comment.

Administrative Judge Olen Underwood had a great chance in recent days to put a stop to the FAMILY INJUSTICE sweeping through the halls of the Harris County Civil Courthouse.

Instead he protected a fellow judge.

There are growing complaints in the 308 th District Court that Judge James Lombardino treats divorce lawyer Bobby King Newman differently than the other lawyers that practice in Lombardino’s court.

Campaign records already show Newman, his family and his firm contribute more money to Lombardino than they do to any other judge. Records also show Newman helps arrange fundraisers for
Lombardino’s campaigns.

When Dolcefino Consulting revealed Newman was representing Lombardino’s son, David Lombardino, in his divorce, attorneys facing Newman in the 308 th began filing motions to recuse Judge Lombardino.

Newman has more than a dozen active cases in Lombardino’s court. There is no evidence Lombardino disclosed Newman was working for his son.

Neither the Judge or Newman has agreed to release the legal bills and payments from the Lombardino family.

Underwood has now denied a recusal motion filed by Houston Attorney Don Robinowitz. Underwood’s ruling argues that if a Judge can be “taken out of a case because of his relationship with the lawyer, then the lawyer would gain control of the courtroom.”

Exactly Judge Underwood.

“We are getting more complaints that Bobby Newman gets special treatment in Lombardino’s court,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “The campaign practices of electing judges is troubling enough. Judge Lombardino should have known that the right thing to do was to disclose his relationship with Bobby Newman.”

Dolcefino Consulting has called on Newman and Lombardino to release the invoices and payments for the son’s divorce cases. Both have been silent.

“Let’s see how much Lombardino’s kid has paid for a normal 600 dollars per hour lawyer,” says Dolcefino, “If he is getting a discount, maybe it’s because he’s a great guy – not because he’s the son of a Judge who rules on dozens of cases involving Bobby Newman.”

Canon 2(A) of the Texas Code of Judicial Ethics requires that “A judge shall comply with the law and should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

Lombardino’s failure to disclose his relationship with Bobby Newman does not promote public confidence in the judiciary.

Canon 3(D)(1) of the Texas Code of Judicial Ethics states that “A judge who receives information clearly establishing that another judge has committed a violation of this Code should take appropriate action.”

Underwood has not taken action. He should.

Judge Lombardino should disclose. Judge Underwood should want to investigate allegations of FAMILY INJUSTICE.

Judge Underwood remains the administrative Judge even though his term expired in April of 2016.

For more than two years the FBI has been probing evidence of fraud and campaign corruption in Cypress Creek EMS. The federal investigation includes a review of the campaigns of three safety commissioners in ESD #11 who are elected to police the multi-million-dollar ambulance contract.

Now we know the mounting cost of the FBI scandal.

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Divorce cases shouldn’t last for years. There are more fireworks in the Sherry and Marek Menger divorce, already in the courts for two years.

A motion filed by Sherry Menger details the chain of events that have recently stalled the case. Menger wants the court to just grant the divorce already.

Who can blame her?

The court date to grant the divorce has already been postponed three times. The last time, Mr. Menger’s attorney, Mary Van Orman, didn’t even show up. She is the eleventh lawyer in the case on just one side. Van Orman couldn’t be present for the arbitration ordered by the judge on February 5, 2018 or any of the eight other dates provided by the arbitrator.

The final entry date is set for February 14, 2018, and Mary Van Orman says she can’t attend that court hearing either because of a protective order signed by another Judge.

Mary Van Orman was scheduled to be in trial on Valentine’s Day, helping attorney Bobby Newman represent David Frank Lombardino, the son of another family Judge James Lombardino.

The Lombardino divorce case is drawing scrutiny too. Newman has a lot of cases in Judge Lombardino’s court, and the Judge is facing ethical questions for not disclosing the divorce.

That is not the issue tomorrow. We checked the 257th District Court and they told us there is no Lombardino trial this week. If that’s true, then Mary Van Orman could make it. Judge Millard should make her.

Look Judges, these two, three, four or five-year divorce cases only make the lawyers rich. The same lawyers who fund judicial campaigns. It creates Family Injustice.

Hasn’t Sherry Menger waited long enough?

Texas Tech Alumni, Jodey Arrington was elected to represent Lubbock in the United States Congress in November 2016. For years prior however, the West Texas Congressman had been the right-hand man of Kent Hance, the former Chancellor at Texas Tech.

Texas Tech is now fighting to keep the public from seeing e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington during the 2009 investigation and firing of Texas Tech Football Coach Mike Leach.

Congressman Arrington refuses to discuss the Leach case, despite evidence Arrington was involved in the campaign to “dirty up” the famed football coach after fan outrage.

Dolcefino Consulting asked Texas Tech to turn over e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington about the Leach investigation. The University released just a handful of documents, including an e-mail sent by Lubbock television station General Manager Don Jackson at the time of the Leach firing.

“I hope I can someday say the actions were totally justified, but my viewers are angry,” Jackson wrote in an e-mail shared by Arrington to Kent Hance.

“Eight years after the firing, Texas Tech is hiding any e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington prior to the decision to suspend and fire Coach Leach,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “It’s time for the media in Lubbock to demand full transparency. What in the world are they hiding? I would think the Congressman would be demanding Tech release the e-mail record, so this doesn’t become a political problem for Arrington.”


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There are growing calls tonight for Harris County Family Court Judge James Lombardino to step aside from some of the biggest divorce cases pending in his court.

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting, that is being released on social media, reveals that the veteran Judge of the 308 th District Court has failed to disclose a serious conflict of interest
with powerful Houston divorce lawyer, Bobby King Newman.

Newman has more than a dozen active divorce cases pending in front of Lombardino, some involving the custody of children. Court documents obtained by the Houston based investigative communications firm also that show the high-price divorce attorney is representing Judge Lombardino’s son David, in his contentious divorce and custody battle.

On the eve of our our broadcasts, at least two Houston attorneys have formally asked Lombardino to recuse himself from divorce cases pending in his court.

In his request for Lombardino’s recusal, Houston attorney Don Robinowitz wrote “Is it worth the risk to the judiciary to have its legitimacy questioned and suffer a loss of public confidence?”

Robinowitz also cited a Texas law which requires that a judge rescue himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality may be reasonably questioned.

“Judge Lombardino had a duty to tell the mothers and fathers battling in his courtroom that Newman represents his son. Period,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.
“People are fighting for their lives, fighting over their children. This is not a close call. Dozens of family cases in the Judge’s court are now tainted by bad judgement.”

Karen Avery’s attorney has also asked Lombardino to rescue himself from her case.

Lombardino declined.

Avery believes rulings in her divorce case have been different since Bobby Newman began representing her soon-to- be-ex- husband in Lombardino’s court. She now wants an investigation by the Judicial Conduct Commission.

“It was just like we were stonewalled. My attorney and I were stonewalled, and we couldn’t get anything in Judge Lombardino’s court after Bobby Newman was hired,” says Avery.

Dolcefino Consulting has been hired by other victims of Family Injustice in recent months to investigate and expose conflicts of interest and possible abuses of power in the Harris County
Family Court system – a system long plagued by questions of proper ethics. The Houston based investigative communications firm has also been examining possible misconduct in the billing practices of some of Houston’s biggest divorce lawyers.

As part of our investigation, Dolcefino Consulting has also been reviewing campaign records. It is no secret that family lawyers provide most of the money for family court judges. Attorney
Newman, his family and his firm, have donated more than $100,00 to various judges.

However, Judge Lombardino is the biggest recipient of the Newman campaign cash. Newman has also hosted campaign events for the Judge.

Neither Bobby Newman, Judge Lombardino nor his son David Lombardino have responded to our requests for comment. Dolcefino Consulting has asked for invoices and evidence of payment to see if Newman has discounted his fees or provided free legal service to the Lombardino family.

“Judge Lombardino now has an ethical obligation to release these records,” says Dolcefino. “Bobby Newman charges $600.00 per hour. The public deserves to know if the Judge’s son is getting a special deal, and what that means for justice in Lombardino’s court.”

Dolcefino Consulting has been hired by a growing number of victims of family injustice who are filing complaints with the State Bar of Texas and the Judicial Conduct Commission.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg

Does Houston Community College (HCC) Board Member Adriana Tamez actually live in the house she claims? Taxpayers deserve an answer.

We are waiting for answers.

HCC Board Member Adriana Tamez

HCC Board Member Adriana Tamez

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg is now hiding answers too.

The DA’s Public Integrity Unit claims a complaint filed by Dolcefino Consulting against Tamez is unfounded. Kim Ogg claims the Unit did a thorough investigation.

Dolcefino Consulting is calling them out.

Did they even talk to Tamez? Did they review days of hidden camera video?



Maybe it’s not against the law anymore to live outside the neighborhoods you are supposed to represent. Maybe the sworn affidavit Tamez signed in 2015 doesn’t matter.

“Ms. Tamez has refused to tell voters where she lives,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “If our video is an illusion, she should issue a statement about where she lives. District Attorney Kim Ogg has given the HCC cesspool the license to ignore the rights of voters. Shame.”

The DA letter to Tamez was shared with board members by one of their high-priced lawyers.

Taxpayers paid for that too.

DA Kim Ogg should recuse office

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg remains silent on Mayor Sylvester Turner’s illegal withholding of city e-mails sent on a private server. She has ignored our request for an interview.


“The idea that the District Attorney hasn’t already picked up the phone and told the Mayor to release the e-mails he is hiding is sad,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The silence from Ms. Ogg is deafening. Taxpayers are watching.  Mr. Turner is routinely conducting city business on an outside e-mail server and he’s hiding them.”

Dolcefino Consulting has filed a formal criminal complaint that Turner is hiding e-mail communications with Maya Ford, the Mayor’s goddaughter. Ford started a media firm called Ford Momentum, three days before Turner got elected and got a number of City Government related contracts.  Ford also detailed allegations of ethical misconduct by the City Garbage Director in e-mails to the Mayor.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is already said to be reviewing the misuse of city e-mails by the now former Press Secretary, Darian Ward.

“It personally pains me to call her out. It is now time for Ms.  Ogg to recuse her office and select a Special Prosecutor to investigate the transparency violations at City Hall,” says Dolcefino.

Here’s why.

At least some of the e-mails the Mayor is hiding concern the scandal plagued recycling contract, won by Spanish Company, FCC.   One of the biggest owners of FCC is George Soros, whose Political Action Committee contributed $250,000 to the Ogg campaign. Ogg has recused her office in other cases with much smaller political contributions involved.

“As someone who worked to helped get Ms. Ogg elected, I am personally and professionally disappointed she hasn’t lifted a finger to get City Hall to follow the law, Dolcefino said. “I have zero confidence, and I mean zero confidence in the Public Integrity Unit.

Some of the e-mails the City is illegally withholding have been kept from the public for more than a year. The Mayor has ignored repeated requests to let the sunshine in.