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The Chambers Liberty Counties Navigation District met May 19th, 2015 in open session, a public meeting as required by the State of Texas Open Meetings Act.

Hope you were there, because now the folks who spend your tax dollars refuse to let anyone hear what was said. No, I am not kidding.

The Navigation District has asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to allow them to keep an audio tape of the public meeting secret because they are being sued for past violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

“Even in Anahuac this has to be a first,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “If I had been at the meeting with a camera they couldn’t stop me from videotaping the whole darn thing, but now they want to make something members of the public already heard a secret. Amazing. Attorney General Paxton should send these fools a bill for wasting the people’s time.”

Dolcefino Consulting filed suit against the Navigation District months ago, alleging they violated state law by failing to properly warn the public of plans to issue a sweetheart lease to local politicos to control half the oyster production in Galveston Bay, even public reefs. On May 19th the Navigation District took more action on the oyster front, but even though they did it in public, they now want to keep it a secret.

What is more troubling is that the law firm leading this crusade for unprecedented secrecy is Lloyd Gosselink, a law firm with a bevy of government clients and active in political support in Austin.

“If you pay taxes to a MUD Board or Water District who uses this law firm, you should be worried, very worried.”

Dolcefino Consulting is an investigative communications firm in Houston, Texas run by long time investigative journalist Wayne Dolcefino.

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Kevin and Karen Maley have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help the students of Spring Branch School District.

So when the couple got an invitation to the Spring Branch Education Fundraiser this November they weren’t surprised.

A minute later the invitation was taken back.

The Maley’s know why they are being shunned by Spring Branch ISD, and they are disgusted.

“I cannot believe these people are so vindictive,” says Kevin Maley. “They are punishing us for protecting our own daughter. They ought to be ashamed. Aren’t they parents?”

The Maleys blew the whistle last month on the gross failure of Spring Branch Independent School District to properly punish a high school football star who solicited dirty pictures and sex from their 14 year old daughter. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Internet Crimes lawmen raided the home of 19 year old Jeffrey Munoz last month looking for evidence, even though Spring Branch failed to secure the evidence seven months ago.

Last month, outgoing Spring Branch Superintendent Duncan Klussman attacked the Maley family, and now the school district education foundation is uninviting to the November fundraiser.

Do you believe in coincidences? The Spring Branch fundraising event is chaired by Mano Deayala, the attorney who represents the 19 year old who has been accused by more than one girl at Spring Branch of sexual misconduct.

“The message they are sending to our young girls is to just shut up, because they are clearly more concerned with keeping these things secret then protecting our kids,” says Maley. “Spring Branch has chosen to defend indefensible conduct. My wife and I are stunned they would stoop to such juvenile behavior.”

For Information contact Wayne Dolcefino at Dolcefino Consulting.

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In March of 2013 Uptown Board Chairman Kendall Miller lobbied for federal grant money for a bus project on Post Oak Blvd. His letter did not disclose his financial stake in the project.

In Mid-2014 Miller knew right of way acquisitions by Uptown would benefit his property, yet he still did not disclose.

Miller and two other Board Members revealed their potential conflict in early 2015 amidst growing questions by opponents of a plan to tear up Post Oak.

“Houston City Council needs to delay this project until taxpayers know where all the money leads, says Wayne Dolcefino President of Dolcefino Consulting. “I have heard Uptown brag about being transparent, so let us get all the cards on the table.”

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting details several members of the Uptown Board have potential conflicts.

Take Houston Jeweler Jonathan Zadock, appointed to the Uptown Board in 2013. In March of that year Zadock argued for the federal grant money with Miller, arguing if major improvements weren’t made to Post Oak Blvd the prestigious street would lose much of its luster. Zadock called the bus plan cost effective despite the price tag.

As part of the deal, Uptown will have to spend tens of millions of dollars buying right of way from some Uptown Businessman. Jonathan Zadock controls one of those entities. In 2012 a corporation managed by Zadock bought a shopping center on Post Oak valued at more than 7 million dollars. The name of the corporation – Post Oak Right of Way LLC.

“This exposes the huge problem with Uptown. The folks on the board weren’t elected by taxpayers, even the property owners. Even if they have the purest motives, they are investing taxpayer money on deals that are good for them. What else is out there? It is time for everyone to disclose before another penny is spent!”

Houston City Council Members and the Mayor are term limited, but some members of the Uptown Board appear to be perpetually reappointed. Miller has been on the Uptown Board since 1999, 16 years.

“Property owners deserve to elect these folks, period!”



Oyster Boats are reporting harassment in Galveston Bay the last few days, part of a growing tension that is now interfering with a special rescue mission underway to save the oyster population.

State Game Wardens have now been asked to increase patrols of the bay before the dispute escalates.

Tuesday morning, May 26th at 9:00 am Concerned Citizens of Galveston Bay will hold a news conference and media tour to the battleground in the bay.

First the oyster problem. The continuing heavy rains have affected the salinity in Trinity and East Galveston Bay and thousands of young oysters are being moved to safer waters to save them. That special operation is taking place in now disputed waters.

The Chambers County Navigation District leased 23,000 acres of Galveston Bay bottom to a company called STORM, run by two powerful political figures in Chambers County for just 1.50 an acre. The sweetheart deal would give them a virtual monopoly over half of the oyster production in Galveston Bay, including public reefs and private reefs where other companies have invested millions to produce oysters. That backroom deal is already being challenged for violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. Concerned citizens call it a theft of the tax-payers resources.

The state says the lease isn’t valid, yet oyster companies trying to move their oysters from the area report they are being harassed and encircled by STORM boats with video cameras and dangerous maneuvers. The company has already sent out no trespassing

“These Chambers County guys must be drinking alligator cool-aid, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting and spokesman for the Concerned Citizens”, but they need to back off now.” “And while there at it, perhaps Chambers County Navigation Officials could take a refresher course in ethics and transparency, just saying”.

Reporters should arrive at Prestige Oyster Company at 103 Avenue C and First Street by 9 am for a tour of the area where the oyster population is being moved and the boat disputes are

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A town hall meeting held amidst growing opposition to a $300 million Post Oak Boulevard bus project by Uptown TIRZ and METRO that could tear the signature street apart has generated Houston media buzz:

Uptown business owners plan to fight new bus lanes (KHOU)
Uptown business owners plan to fight plans to build two new Metro bus-only lanes on Post Oak Boulevard.

Uptown business owners pack town hall meeting on dedicated bus lane project plan (FOX 26)
Uptown business owners pack town hall meeting on dedicated bus lane project plan.

Jeffrey Munoz, accused by the parents of a 14 year old student of blackmailing the girl for improper photos.

The warrant includes statements of Spring Branch ISD police officer that raises serious new questions about the conduct of school officials.

On October 15, 2014 a SBISD police report detailed the statements of two female students who had reported being threatened via Instagram to send nude photographs or their parents would receive videos and images claiming the person depicted in the graphic videos was their child. The parents of both students later received improper images. That same report detailed the complaints of the 14 year old daughter of Kevin and Karen Maley.

The search warrant claims lawmen have reason to believe Munoz has obtained images, threats, harassment and coercion which depict individuals under the age of 18 engaging in sexual conduct. The Spring Branch officer claims

Munoz admitted deleting the photographs, and admitted being attracted to girls as young as 13 years of age.

Munoz was not punished, even suspended from the football team despite the discovery by Spring Branch ISD Police, nor does the district have any record detailing any warning to parents about the potential use of Memorial PTA email addresses to threaten female students.

The search warrant was first made public by the Memorial Examiner Community Newspaper.

READ: Munoz-search warrant

Members of the Harris County Task Force on Internet Crimes Against Children executed a search warrant before school this morning on Jeffrey Munoz. He is the nineteen year old Memorial High School senior under investigation for soliciting sex and blackmailing a 14 year old girl to send him lewd pictures.

The raid occurred around 6 am this morning, at a complex at 9017 Gaylord in Hedwig Village.

The Spring Branch ISD story is now making headlines nationwide because of the rare decision by parents to go public with their horror story and mistreatment by school officials.

Spring Branch Independent School District Superintendent Duncan Klussman has refused to apologize to the Maley family after SBISD falsely accused the parents of not cooperating with the investigation. E-mails proving SBISD had the text messages since last November were produced by the family at a Wednesday news conference.

“The Superintendent has to send out a message to parents apologizing and detailing other threats to the female school kids at SBISD he has kept secret,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “All these parents wanted was for the school principal to punish this man. We tried for months to get them to do the right thing. They just wouldn’t.”

Memorial High School Principal Lisa Weir refused to punish Munoz after the incident. Klussman ignored pleas for months to enact a zero tolerance program for the growing problems SBISD and other school districts have.

SBISD is fighting release of documents detailing a photo shopping blackmail plot using PTA emails and details of a drop-box account which contained compromising photos of an unknown number of Memorial High School girls.

Dolcefino Consulting has been investigating the school district for the Maley family since March.

“We welcome the news that a search warrant has been executed and we thank the District Attorney’s office for taking this issue seriously, says Dolcefino.“ Of course, the incident happened in October. Seven Months Ago. Who knows what is left in that phone. That is why Spring Branch ISD ought to make safety of students a top priority number one, not their reputation.”

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The Hilton at 2001 Post Oak Blvd., Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Hundreds of angry business owners and Uptown area residents are expected when the Post Oak Property Owners Association holds a town hall meeting May 19th at the Uptown Hilton.

The town hall is being held amidst growing opposition to a 300 million dollar bus project by Uptown TIRZ and Metro that will tear the signature street apart.

An ongoing investigation has already debunked the need for this wasteful project. The only commuter bus from Katy to Uptown has been cancelled because of low ridership, and the bus traveling down Post Oak is nearly three quarters empty.

There are serious ethical questions being raised about the project. Several members of the appointed UPTOWN Board stand to make millions on the deal through right of way and utility improvement.

Retailers on the street believe this is a real estate deal disguised as a transit deal, and say manipulating lights for all these buses will dramatically back up traffics in the neighborhoods around Uptown.

The Hilton is at 2001 Post Oak Blvd., and the town hall meeting begins Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The media is welcome.

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