Hall opposes use of public funds for Post Oak bus lane project


Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall called on Mayor Parker and the Uptown TIRZ to immediately suspend any further contracts or additional spending on the proposed Post Oak bus lane project.

“If I am elected mayor, I will revisit this project and the benefits and the costs before committing a single penny of tax money for such a limited public purpose. Houston has serious financial problems, and it is time to use our money wisely. Our streets are in deplorable conditions, and we need more police and first responders to address crime problems.

I oppose the planned Post Oak Bus Lane Project. My opposition is based on multiple grounds. My principal opposition arises from my conviction that tax dollars are needed for other purposes and the benefits of the bus lane do not justify the expected cost. While there are limitations on how TIRZ dollars are to be used, such limitations should never be allowed to justify imprudent expenditures. While the Galleria area is heavily traveled, the proposed bus lane does not meaningfully address this problem. Finally, the process by which the project has been developed– without full input from all stakeholders and nagging suggestions of hidden appraisals and friendship deals– does not serve the public trust. It simply does not pass the public scrutiny test!

It is time for the city to adopt reasonable guidelines and policies to govern the use of TIRZ dollars. As mayor, I will make implement more controls over the proper use of TIRZ tax dollars and advocate for more responsible use of such funds for the public good.”