Ogg blasts DA over police body cameras


Veteran Crime Victims Advocate Kim Ogg is blasting the failure of the Harris County District Attorney and local police to put body cameras on Houston street cops.

In testimony before Houston City Council, Ogg chastised HPD for taking so long to get the body cameras on the streets, and warned HPD’s drafted policy leaves critical law enforcement questions unanswered.

When will the cameras be turned on? How will the records be stored? How quickly will the evidence be given to prosecutors?

Ogg also criticized the leadership of Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson for being silent on the delays. Almost a year ago, Anderson sent over $2 million dollars in asset forfeiture funds to outfit Houston Police and Harris County Deputies after a spate of headlines.

“Signing a check isn’t leadership,” says Ogg. “Where has the DA been ever since? Why hasn’t she demanded a system of transparency and accountability? Once again Devon Anderson is invisible when the tough work begins. Body cameras have the potential to affect 120,000 criminal cases and 2 million traffic tickets.”

“Where is the DA? She is MIA,” says Ogg. “And every day she doesn’t do her job is another day that justice is compromised!”