Marsh aide takes the fifth


Stanley Marsh died before prosecutors could show a jury the sick, twisted evidence uncovered by Amarillo Police, a history of sex acts that occurred in a downtown Amarillo Building.

Drew Mason had a front row seat to the depravity now being detailed in court testimony in a civil lawsuit over the Marsh escapades. For twenty years he worked with Marsh, starting as one of the artists who put up nearly 300 signs all over town.

Dolcefino Consulting is now waging a social media campaign to remove those signs from public views on behalf of Marsh victims. We have obtained video of the Mason sworn deposition, and have posted some of it on Facebook for the public to see on Erase Marsh Madness.

Mason went on to handle stock investments for Marsh until 2010. What did he do after that? Mason has pled the Fifth Amendment against incriminating himself. What does that tell you?

The Amarillo Police Department have information from court documents and witness testimony that Mason was involved in paying cash to teenagers who went behind closed doors with Marsh.  You have already seen some of the evidence uncovered in the search of the Marsh “business”.

When the investigations and lawsuits began Drew Mason was given a bonus. $350,000.  Was it hush money? Drew Mason took the fifth amendment in his deposition 187 times!

It is time for the Marsh madness to be exposed. You can follow our campaign to erase the visual memories of Stanley Marsh @erasemarsh.