Fort Bend DA loses battle to keep landfill investigation secret


The Fort Bend District Attorney doesn’t want you to know the truth.

John Healey’s office ignored a request from the Waller County District Attorney and a State District Judge to see the investigation his office did into the proposed Highway 6 landfill.  Healey’s prosecutors asked the Texas Attorney General to protect them.

Attorney General Paxton said no.

In a legal ruling, the Assistant Attorney General Tim Neal reminded Healey of a 32 year old ruling” an official of a governmental body, who in an official capacity, requests information by the governmental body is not acting as a member of the public in doing so.”

In other words, cough up the records.

If you remember, Healey’s office refused to prosecute former politicians in Hempstead for transparency laws. Dolcefino Consulting made the criminal complaint as evidence surfaced politicians held secret meetings with landfill developers. A Waller County Jury eventually used the evidence to find politicians violated transparency laws. Taxpayers, not the politicians, ended up paying the huge legal bill.

“I know why Healey’s office is fighting so hard to hide these records,” says Wayne Dolcefino of Dolcefino Consulting. “They will prove the incompetence of their investigators, and they will raise a real question about whether Healey put politics before truth.”

Healey’s office has 10 days to decide if they want to sue the state to protect their investigative files. More taxpayer time and money.

We want the entire file made public. The public deserves it.