Neveah Hall’s mom wants Houston dentist arrested

Nevaeh Hall

Nevaeh Hall

The tragic story of 4-year old Nevaeh Hall has broken hearts nationwide.

The little girl suffered severe brain damage in January of 2016 during a visit to a Houston Dentists Office. There’s evidence Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson waited more than four hours before calling 911 for help after Neveah suffered severe oxygen loss causing loss of brain function. The little girl was inappropriately restrained in a physical restraint device euphemistically known as a “Papoose” as well during the procedure that left her severely brain damaged.

Friday morning, her mom, Courissa Clark and Houston Attorney Jim Moriarty met with an Investigator with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and made a formal complaint.

“This horrible story is another example of the traumatic damage being done to families all across the country by bad dentists,” says Attorney Jim Moriarty, Nevaeh’s family attorney. Dr. Jefferson’s negligence guarantees Neveah to a very difficult life and her family to a lifetime nightmare. This dentist should face criminal charges.”

The Investigation will be conducted by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Child Abuse Division.

State records show at least 85 Texans have died as a result of dental anesthesia disasters since 2010, and countless more have been left damaged for life.

“The night before Nevaeh went to the dentist she was playing at Chuck-E-Cheese, Dentists in Texas must know they will face justice if they hurt our children.”

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