Uptown boss cashes in on bus project



Kendall Miller is the Chairman of the Uptown Management District and since 2013 has been leading the charge to tear up Post Oak for a controversial bus project.

He recommended federal money be put into the bus project, then voted to hire consultants and contractors. In February 2015, Kendall Miller finally filed a disclosure admitting he stood to benefit financially from the bus project.

And he is among the first to cash in.

Records obtained by Dolcefino Consulting show Miller’s company was paid more than $1.75 million dollars in January of this year in one of the first real estate right of way deals. Miller is listed as President of MCFM, Inc. the corporation linked to WMJK, LTD. The property stretches along part of the shopping center just North of Westheimer.

Uptown claims they have bought, or have agreed to buy, 80 percent of the property for the bus project. They are giving you fuzzy math.

In fact, Miller’s property is one of the only properties even bought by Uptown in the last six months. Only six of the properties, a small fraction, are even completed real estate deals. That includes the secret deal to buy right of way from the Dinerstein companies.

Most of those deals have links to Uptown Board Members, an example of the conflict of interests that make this project suspect.

Miller’s company has so far been paid the second largest amount for real estate by Uptown. There is no way to know when Uptown voted on his deal, because they keep the amounts of the agreements, and even the formal names of the sellers out of the minutes of their meetings. The Right of Way Committee formed to make sure Miller and other Uptown officials didn’t get any special deal didn’t keep any records of their work, or even when they met.

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