More Uptown board members cash in


Kendall Miller is cashing in, AGAIN.

Another company linked to the Uptown Chairman has just sold property back to Uptown. The purchase price is $1.9 million dollars.

Now add the deal in January, another $1.5 million dollars.

In five months the Uptown Chairman’s companies have made $3.4 million dollars, selling small pieces of property for the dedicated bus lane project.

Uptown is now releasing the real estate deals because they have to, losing a fight to keep the records secret.

One other right-of-way purchase deal was announced today.

Surprise. Surprise. Another Uptown Board Member.

A company linked to Uptown Board Member Ed Wulfe was paid $466,000 for a piece of land.

And they tell us this is about relieving traffic congestion.

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