DA should make Uptown wait on construction


The Harris County District Attorney’s Office confirms it is investigating whether Uptown violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The criminal complaint filed months ago by Dolcefino Consulting on behalf of property owners, alleges Uptown officials violated state transparency laws, failing to keep records of the very committee that was supposed to provide the public with transparency on this controversial project.

Now we learn the committee has no records of when it met or what it did!

Under Texas law, if Uptown is proved to have violated state transparency laws, the real estate transactions and contracts already completed could be voided by a Judge.

The Harris County District Attorney’s office should tell Uptown not to move forward with any more bus project real estate deals, or tearing up of Post Oak Boulevard until the Open Meeting Act questions are is resolved. If the votes are ruled illegal, who is going to pay?

Dolcefino Consulting has been helping business and property owners expose the mass of conflicts of interests in this bus deal. The results should outrage taxpayers. Several Uptown officials will make money if the dedicated bus project is allowed, in fact many of the properties already bought by Uptown belong to companies with financial ties to Uptown Officials. Taxpayers will end up paying to improve utilities by properties some Uptown officials want to develop.

“Are they really the people we want deciding this? With all Houston’s government money problems, don’t you wonder why City Hall is so quiet?”

Two and a half years of construction on South Post Oak is scheduled to begin next month, and that is why the Uptown complaint should be resolved first.

Of course, Uptown could voluntarily delay for transparency sakes.