Assassination, bigamy, fraud and abuse 


((Don’t forget the freaky bedroom stuff))

The Jetall website says the company is reinventing Houston real estate, but one thing is for sure, company founder Ali Choudhri is reinventing the meaning of a messy divorce.

Tuesday, August 23rd, at 9:00 AM, in Judge David Farr’s 312th District Courtroom, the latest allegations of attempted assassination, phony marriage licenses and bribery will be center stage.

Choudhri has a long list of business enemies and lawsuits, but now he is accused of treating his arranged Pakistani bride like a servant, and beating her while he slept in between his parents, instead of next to her. He is accused of tricking her into a trip back to Pakistan so she couldn’t come back to Texas, getting a sharia divorce, and trying to cheat her out of the millions she would be due in a Texas divorce.

In recent weeks Choudhri’s lawyers have thrown one startling accusation after another against Hira Azhar that could get her stoned to death in Pakistan.

First, Choudhri’s legal team now claims Azar is a bigamist, claiming to have papers from an alleged other marriage in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Of course, her team says the Pakistani document, known as a Nikkah Nama, is fake.

Then last week the plot thickened, when Choudhri’s lawyers announced the mysterious first husband’s lawyer was assassinated, just as he was supposedly coming here to blow the whistle. Court pleadings suggest, murder, bribery and gangs all supposedly linked to the effort to protect Choudhri’s wife, who was just 18 when they got married.

Sound fishy? Sure, but remember Choudhri’s fortune is safe from Pakistani sharia courts, but maybe not the court in Texas.

The hearing tomorrow morning in Judge Farr’s court begins at 9:00 AM. Like Reality TV? You’ll LOVE this.