No gag order for Friday’s divorce


District Judge David Farr has denied a gag order in the Houston divorce trial that now includes allegations of assassination and bigamy.

That means a hearing Friday morning will surely involve tales of international intrigue.

Galleria area developer Ali Choudhri is trying to use Sharia Law to cheat his wife Hira Azhar out of millions of dollars in supposedly hidden money. She claims he beat her, treated her like a servant, and slept between his parents rather than with her, while they lived in Houston. Then she says he tricked her into going back to Pakistan in a failed attempt to keep her from coming back to America for a divorce in a Texas court.

In the last few days, Choudhri’s Houston legal team have made some astounding allegations.

First, that the young Pakistani woman is a bigamist, hiding her first marriage in the tribal lands of Pakistan.

It gets better.

Attorneys Doug York and Lloyd Kelly claim the lawyer for the supposed first husband was coming to Houston to blow the whistle, but was assassinated just as he was about to leave. They accuse her family of bribery and a campaign of violent threats to keep the truth from coming out. Pretty juicy.

That’s why it was pretty funny to watch those same lawyers argue there should be a gag order after they threw a giant barrel of gasoline into the divorce fire. They even tried to get testimony from Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino, cuz they didn’t take too kindly that I alerted the public and media to this reality drama playing out in Houston court. They lost.

Azhar’s lawyers say the first marriage license is a total fake, and wonder out loud whether Choudhri’s lawyers know it. They have compelling evidence these tribal nuptials never happened.

The fireworks begin at 9 AM, in Judge Farr’s 312th District Court.