Republic Waste clams up as San Angelo questions mount


An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting and the news website San Angelo Live have finally sparked politicians in San Angelo to ask the questions they should have asked nearly three years ago!

Did Republic waste ever provide the 6.3 million dollars in promised refunds for overcharging 2,000 business customers in San Angelo?

After public records prove the City never completed an audit of the overcharging as they promised taxpayers, we now know no one from the City ever asked for the proof of refunds. Late Wednesday, San Angelo’s City Attorney’s Office confirms they have finally asked Republic for the information.

You know what Republic said! It’s confidential.

Can you imagine? San Angelo gave Republic a contract that could earn them 260 million dollars over ten years, but Republic doesn’t have to tell them if they ever refunded the money they promised to give back.

Republic cites ongoing litigation as one of the reasons they are clamming up.

The City of San Angelo is also admitting tonight they haven’t been able to find any other checks proving taxpayers ever got the money Republic had cheated from City Departments, about $100,000. Checks for only a fraction of the money can be accounted for after months of asking.

The Republic controversy is now a political issue in the Mayor’s race.

Brenda Gunter, a San Angelo businesswoman running for the office called the recent disclosures on Republic shocking, promising accountability if she wins the office and a review of the lucrative garbage deal.

“It was a contentious fight. I am shocked and I don’t understand why someone would not follow up. They gave the citizens a nod and then closed the door.” “Did we do right by the citizens and the business community. If the answer is no. We must correct it to yes.”

Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer, a supporter of the Republic deal declined to comment citing “litigation” and claimed she hadn’t seen the records we have seen.

“I informed Ms. Farmer that the records we obtained were public records, and as a City Councilwoman she had the opportunity to get the records herself, or ask the questions she apparently never bothered to ask,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Houston based Investigative Communications firm Dolcefino Consulting.

The Mayor and City Manager have been silent, refusing to answer questions from Dolcefino Consulting.