White Oak residents want city council action next week to stop the noise


Residents surrounding the noisy 5-acre outdoor White Oak music “mosh pit” are calling on Mayor Sylvester Turner to put the nuisance on the agenda of next week’s City Council Meeting.

In early January, Mayor Turner promised “a deep dive” to see if White Oak had violated terms of the agreement with the City of Houston. Since then White Oak has declared the City Sound Ordinance unenforceable, with their own expert stating HPD lacks the training to measure noise violations.

“It is time for City Council to act. We want Mayor Turner to detail what his investigation has shown, and what the City plans to do to protect Houstonians from noise polluters,” says Cris Feldman, Attorney for the residents. “Taxpayer’s deserve transparency and full disclosure next week.”

Wednesday, State District Judge Kristen Hawkins issued a temporary injunction against the controversial outdoor concert hall, agreeing the noise was interfering with the people living in three Houston neighborhoods.

The trial produced evidence White Oak Developers grossly misrepresented their outdoor concert plans. It also confirmed Houston City Hall approved the deal when the White Oak developers had a 2014 sound study which promised there would be lots of noise complaints if the White Oak mosh pit was approved.

“It is time the City of Houston release the names of all the developers of this ill-fated plan, and take action to stop the construction of a permanent outdoor stage,” says Feldman.