Waller County audit is a whitewash…here’s why!


If you haven’t read the “audit” of the Sheriff’s gun audit you should. It’s a joke.

Not just the part when the Auditor and Sheriff congratulate each other for what a good job they both did cooperating and how from now on everything will be kept better track of. That’s sweet.

It’s page 2 that is a real laugher. Check it out at They call this an audit?

The Waller County Sheriff uses Excel to keep track of their weapons and Major Joe Hester was responsible for updating the list any time there was a new transaction. After the Sheriff got a machine gun and 7 other weapons stolen from his marked pickup truck, we asked for the spread sheet and all the receipts for gun purchases for the last 4 years. That’s when we saw the problem.

Did the County Auditor look at those past receipts? Not according to his audit.

Did he use the spreadsheet he gave us to check the inventories? Not according to his audit.

Instead, Major Hester was allowed to conduct an internal review of the weapon inventory list and was allowed to update it, likely right before the joint inventory with the auditor. Comparing weapons against a brand new updated inventory is a giant waste of time.

Auditor Alan Younts should tell the public exactly when the cleanup happened.

We can’t say we are surprised, because Younts has said he thought the whole audit was a political stunt. The audit proves he’s the one playing politics.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis should have conducted this investigation, after he was told there were receipts for guns that were not in the inventory.

Mathis told us today he doesn’t have time for fishing expeditions, unless we have probable cause of a specific gun that was stolen or misappropriated by the Sheriff. We offered to show the DA the list of discrepancies a year ago. Even put out a press release with the offer.

When the Sheriff got all his guns stolen, and then went to Waller County to file the complaint, we argued Mathis had the jurisdiction, and in fact, the responsibility to track the investigation.

Mathis disagreed.

It sure is weird that a year and a half after the big gun theft, the Sheriff and the DA just don’t seem to think it is vital to find out what happened to them.

Why should that be surprising?

This is the same DA that broke his promise to investigate the landfill and failed to investigate complaints about the Hempstead Economic Development Corporation hiding records.

This isn’t a game of monopoly, with chances to go back to Go and start all over.

Waller County taxpayers need to listen and keep voting until they get real accountability.