ECOHUB offers city of Houston way to avoid “temporary tax hike”


The Mayor’s plan for a 9% tax hike to pay for debris cleanup will hurt storm victims’ hard.
That’s why ECOHUB founder George Gitschel has a deal for the Mayor, a way to recycle storm debris instead of just keeping it in a landfill for life.

“I am a Houstonian, and my friends and neighbors were hurt too. This is a heartache, but there may be a way to turn a tragedy into a positive. I hope the Mayor will work with us to avoid a tax increase,” says George Gitschel, founder of ECOHUB.

Gitschel looks at these piles of storm debris as a scientist, and sees money in the debris, not just destroyed memories.

“Everything in the debris, from family photos, soggy carpet to sheetrock can be recycled, a lot of it into fuel,” says Gitschel. “We are willing to sit down with the City today to come up with a plan to expedite private financing of a plant so that we can recycle debris from this and future storms, and then share the profits with taxpayers”.

ECOHUB has offered to save the City up to 40 million dollars a year in exchange for city garbage, and wants a bunch of that money to help fix fire equipment and give firefighters a deserved pay raise. 

In the wake of the hurricane, Facebook Viewers on Dolcefino Consulting wanted to know if ECOHUB has a way to avoid a tax increase. Gitschel says yes.

“The tax increase the Mayor proposes doesn’t raise any money until sometime next year, and we are willing to start building our plant immediately. Houstonians know this flood will not be our last, so let’s begin a way to revolutionize the way we treat storm debris at the same time. That is the way Houston should think.”

Gitschel is available for interviews on the subject. Media should contact Dolcefino Consulting.