A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge


A funny thing happens when you start investigating the folks who get appointed in Harris County Family court cases. They seem to give a lot of campaign money to the Judges who appoint them.

Let’s look at the controversial Menger divorce case in Judge Lisa Millard’s court. Menger was ousted as CEO of the Houston Based Petro Valve company. Millard appointed attorney Jeffrey Uzick to serve as a discovery master and special master in the Menger divorce. In Texas, masters can resolve disputes instead of the Judge.

Before Millard was elected , Uzick had represented clients in the court only eight times in eleven years during In the twenty-two years Millard has been sitting on the bench in the 310 th District Court, Uzick has appeared in a case before the 310 th approximately 194 times.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, or the search for good justice, but Uzick and his law firm have been one of Judge Millard’s biggest political contributors. Since 2005 Uzick and his law firm
have donated $21,000 to Judge Millard’s campaigns.


Uzick saw no connection and reason to even comment. No surprise there. Judge Millard didn’t return phone calls for comment either.

Here is a piece of great non-lawyer advice. Next time you go court, take a look at the campaign records of the Judge. See how much the lawyers on the other side of the case have given.’’