HLSR courtroom showdown


The Houston Livestock Show goes to court Friday morning in the quest to sue a rape victim and spend charity money to hide the truth about the way they spend charity money.

Their other target. The President of Dolcefino Consulting Wayne Dolcefino.

Dolcefino Consulting was hired to investigate witnesses to the brutal rape of a young woman at a Los Vaqueros trail ride event, but after we couldn’t find a single incident of crime reported during the entire rodeo, we started independently asking questions about sex crimes at the Rodeo, payments to security, and settlement of sexual harassment claims.

Texas charity law allows anyone to look at the financial records of most charities. The livestock show will ask Judge Steve Kirkland for permission to sue Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino for doing what is clearly allowed under state law.

“I think the rodeo wants to claim the sacred cow privilege.” says Dolcefino. I can imagine the legal argument” Judge, we are too important to let the public see our records and we’ve only made a quarter of a billion dollars and we have to protect the sacred cow.”

Dolcefino Consulting has engaged Houston Attorney Jeff Diamant to fight against this bullying.

“This is preposterous. In an attempt to conceal their financial records, the Rodeo is actually seeking to change the law in such a way as to virtually undo the very laws that allow the public to hold organizations claiming to be charitable accountable for their actions.” Diamant continued, “And worse, they’re trying to do this by suing Dolcefino, who is only trying to do what he has for years – expose the real truth.”

The rodeo amended their legal action this week, pointing out Dolcefino Consulting was given the chance to look at tens of thousands of documents the other day from their general ledger.

“They even put in pretty pictures of all the boxes of dead trees they wasted – records that could have been e-mailed in a few minutes – but their fancy high priced lawyers were playing the oldest trick in the book”, says Dolcefino, “Put a bunch of useless records that don’t address any of our requests in a bunch of boxes and then brag about it to the Judge to make him think you really aren’t the secretive weasels you are acting like.”

Diamant and Dolcefino will hold a brief news conference after the 9 am hearing on the steps of the Harris County Civil Courthouse following the hearing.