Houston rodeo rape fight goes back to court


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be back in court tomorrow to ask Harris County Judge Steven Kirkland to keep its secrets for them.

This week, the rodeo filed a 102-page counterclaim against Dolcefino Consulting in the lawsuit filed by our client, Brie Ana Williams. Williams was the victim of a rape at a Los Vaqueros trail ride warm up event in December 2012.

Among other relief requested, the Rodeo is asking Judge Kirkland that they not be required to allow public inspection of any financial records more than 3 years old, provide any records detailing purchases or expenditures, and not be required to disclose fees paid to performers.

However, none of the information requested pertains specifically to our client or her case against the Rodeo. Our client is interested in finding out what the Rodeo knew back in 2012, when they knew it, and what if anything was done to protect other patrons or trail riders from suffering the way our client has for nearly 6 years.

“It is sad the Rodeo is going to such extreme lengths to keep financial information secret from the public,” says Chad Pinkerton, attorney for Brie Ana Williams, “Ms. Williams is a victim who is trying to find the truth.”

The hearing is scheduled for 9 am, Friday July 27, 2018 in Judge Kirkland’s 334th Civil Courtroom at 201 Caroline. Ben Roberts will be available for comment after the hearing.