Eyes of Coach Leach are upon Texas Tech in new billboard


Coach Mike Leach billboard appears at Texas Tech on University and 19th street

The same day classes begin at the University, a billboard will go up asking the question “What is Tech hiding?”

The Coach Leach Billboard in Lubbock Is a Real Thing [PICTURE]

Students, faculty and staff driving past the intersection of University and 19th Street will see the familiar set of eyes of Coach Mike Leach.

So, what is Tech hiding? A lot.

Tech recently appealed to the Texas Attorney General to keep secret details of its losses during the Bernie Madoff scandal back in 2009. The University is also involved in litigation with Dolcefino Consulting to keep secret records related to Coach Leach’s firing, Board of Regents emails and sexual harassment incidents on campus.

Last week, Tech fans were shocked to learn Chancellor Robert Duncan was resigning after just 4 years with the University.

Reports are his resignation came after a vote of “no-confidence” by 5 members of the Board of Regents. There’s now a petition asking Governor Greg Abbott to remove regents Rick Francis, Ronnie Hammonds, Christopher Huckabee, Mickey Long and John Steinmetz.

As the scandals at the University continue to pile up…it’s no wonder Texas Tech is fighting so hard to keep public information a secret.

Maybe it’s time the donors start asking questions.

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