The Rodeo’s true colors


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and their high-priced lawyers have exposed their true colors.

Just hours before they faced a critical court hearing in their fight to keep records secret from Dolcefino Consulting, they worked out an eleventh-hour deal with the victim who was raped at a trail ride event.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo even made sure they would be dismissed from the lawsuit as part of the deal. Channel 2 reports the settlement is over $500,000.

Attorneys for the rape victim call it a landmark settlement, but we know why the rodeo wanted the deal cut this morning at 7 am.

At 9 am, Dolcefino Consulting was going to ask Judge Steven Kirkland to keep our legal fight in his courtroom with the rape case.

“The Rodeo thought they could pull another fast one and argue no reason to hear this case because the rape case is gone,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Judge Kirkland saw right through it and ordered the rodeo fight with us stay in his court. Actually, it just shows the Rodeo’s true colors. They care more about keeping secrets than paying off a rape victim without promising to do a single thing to make women safer at trail ride events.”

Judge Kirkland even mentioned the rodeo hired the most expensive lawyers as soon as Dolcefino Consulting asked for records, noting our search for the sacred cow’s financial records likely inspired the sudden settlement for a woman who was sexually assaulted 6 years ago.

“The rich guys at the rodeo are probably used to bullying people to get what they want, but I hope they are beginning to understand they are not above the law, and the more they keep secrets, the more I get curious about where all their money is going,” said Wayne Dolcefino. “In fact, I think it is time to call out the big wigs on the Board of Directors who are watching rodeo executives embarrass themselves in front of a community they claim to care so much about.”

“We filed a motion saying what the Rodeo has done in the lawsuit against Wayne Dolcefino is an attempt to suppress his speech because he’s speaking out on the Rodeo’s failure to act like a charitable organization,” said Jeff Diamant, the attorney for Dolcefino Consulting in the case.

We have also filed a countersuit to the Rodeo, claiming they have violated criminal statutes by retaliating against our firm for simply wanting to see how the rodeo spends charity money.

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