The Rodeo is cowed


The big, bad rodeo is afraid.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is used to getting its way. With millions to spend on expensive attorneys from some of the biggest law firms around, they usually don’t have to worry about a challenger.

We filed a motion to move our case with the rodeo over public documents into the court with the judge already familiar with the case.

The rodeo didn’t like that the judge approved our motion or that he will be hearing the arguments going forward.

So, their immediate move was to complain to the justices of the Court of Appeals. They filed a motion for temporary relief and stay.

They are trying to go above the head of the judge in the case, requesting that the appeals court hold off the order from the 14th of this month granting the motion to consolidate.

They even accuse Judge Steven Kirkland of committing “a clear abuse of discretion” because they wouldn’t be able to do anything about his decision. The rodeo says he lacks the authority to even make the decision.

The rodeo sure didn’t tell that to the judge’s face when they were arguing at the bench on Friday.

The attorneys for the rodeo say that the already granted motion “will cause delay and prejudice HLSR.”

We think that having to go through the whole history of our case again would take longer for everyone involved.

Dolcefino Consulting just wants the case to go quickly and smoothly so that the rodeo can finally get us the documents we’ve been asking for.

It sounds to us like Patrick Mizell and Cathy Smith of Vinson & Elkins just don’t like Judge Kirkland.

“I have crocodile tears in my eyes as I think about how hard the rodeo is fighting to keep people from seeing what they do with the money they receive from their hard-working customers every year,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, the Houston-based investigative communications firm. “Come on rodeo. It’s time to stop running and give up the records so we can see just how charitable you have been.”

Motion for Temporary Relief (Rodeo)