Who’s really Protecting Houston?


Mayor Turner is making the rounds telling folks to cheat Houston Fire Fighters out of equal pay with police, even though they both save lives, because its “Bad for Houstonians.” The Mayors’ campaign staff is even starting up a new Political Action Committee called Protect Houston, trying to make us think that cheating firefighters out of the pay they deserve somehow protects us.


So, the Mayor’s cronies tell us Protect Houston is a “… A bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats, business and labor leaders, community groups and police and fire chiefs.”

Funny, when you dig around on their new website their never name names. Why not? We call on them to disclose whose ponying up the money. Wonder how many get city contracts from sly?

We did notice Protect Houston already has a treasurer. His name is Neil Thomas, a high-priced lawyer at Norton Fulbright who shockingly makes his money on city bond deals.

There are two other groups raising money for the let’s keep the firefighters in their place campaign. One is Bob Harvey, run by the President of the Greater Houston Partnership, AKA, the big money guys, and another group called “Keep Houston Strong,” look who their treasurer is, Barry Barnes, of Barnes and Turner. That’s right he’s the Mayor law partner.

He is also part of a proposed 27-million-dollar housing contract. Maybe that can wait in exchange for more money for firefighters, huh Sly.