Quid Pro Quo


La Griglia on West Gray is where a lot of important people go to have lunch. It’s where Sylvester Turner’s buddy Cindy Clifford threw a luncheon a few weeks back for Ashley Turner, the Mayor’s daughter.

A celebration of her new job with Lonestar Community College.

Clifford is the chair for the Mayor’s inaugural committee.

Ever heard of the term, “Quid Pro Quo?” – it means, to give so that you will give. In other words, I scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine.

News of Ashley Turner’s appointed job for the community college is raising lots of eyebrows on social media. Let’s see, ya think the Lone Star Folks are buying some connections with the gig for the Mayor’s daughter?

But, back to the food…

Also in attendance at Turner’s back scratching luncheon was Houston First CEO, David Mincberg, and Elizabeth Brock, a lobbyist for CenterPoint Energy. Even Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena was there to congratulate Ashley on her new “job” appointment. Pena was there scratching Sly’s back before he had to turn on his own firefighters on the pay parity fight.

Let’s also not forget about Clifford lobby’s for Republic Waste. Maybe the next time you see the Mayor you can ask why all the hurricane debris, no matter where it was, all seemed to end up in Republic landfills… But, we digress.

You got it – so the Mayor and all his buddies held a fancy celebration for Ashley getting a $84,000 a year government job, a job that no one else even got to apply for, because she was appointed by the Special Assistant to the Chancellor.

So, what’s the next stop on the City Hall “Quid Pro Quo” train?

Stay tuned.