Family Injustice: Before you vote


Early voting starts today in Harris County and there are some things Dolcefino Consulting wants you to remember before you head out to the polls.

On the ballot after the congressional and gubernatorial races, there are judicial races – a lot of them.

You can go to\family and view the campaign finance reports on each and every sitting Harris County Family District Court Judge.

Take a look and see which attorneys are backing certain judges. Seeing who’s lining the pockets of judges may help you decide who to vote for or not vote for.

Before heading to the polls make sure you are fully informed and know as much as possible about the candidates that are asking for your vote. Take a look at our Family Injustice Investigation and see who deserves your vote, because there are some family judges who clearly don’t.

Head over to the Houston Bar Association’s website and look at the 2018 Judicial Preference Poll and the 2017 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Results. The poll is conducted in election years and the judicial evaluation questionnaire is conducted in non-election years. The poll and the questionnaire are an educational service to the public and the legal profession, provided by the Houston Bar Association. (Find the evaluation here and the preference poll here.)

Don’t forget to go to\family and check out the campaign finance forms to see who’s behind the money.