Who is holding the hose?


The Mayor’s “Protect Houston PAC” is working overtime to pad its coffers to try to get you to vote to deny Houston firefighters fair pay as first responders.

New campaign reports are out, and the money is staggering. The “Protect Houston PAC” raised a whopping $930,000 in just thirty days, nearly a million dollars.

Nearly one third of the money is funneled from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s political campaign, exposing this vindictive campaign for what it is. Since the PAC was formed back in July, Turner’s campaign has donated $380,537.50. Another notable “donation” came from the Houston Police Officer’s Union. They gave a hefty $50,000. This comes after the Mayor promised them a pay raise while saying the City would essentially go broke if firefighters got a big raise.

“Today’s filings show you how far Mayor Turner is willing to go to make sure Houston firefighters don’t get the fair and adequate pay they have earned. What kind of Mayor pits cops against firefighters to make a political point,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

The rest of the money comes mostly from Houston developers and engineering firms. Nice.

The Mayor, we mean Protect Houston PAC has hundreds of thousands of dollars more to spend in the next week.

That’s the group that put the anti-Prop B sign on the hallowed ground where five Houston firefighters died. The Mayor has yet to apologize. You can see who else gave money to diss the firefighters on Dolcefino.com.