Step aside Mr. Paxton


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton needs to recuse himself on the important public records fight heading to the 7th Court of Appeals Wednesday, November 7th in Amarillo.

Dolcefino Consulting has been battling with Texas Tech to get them to finally release public records detailing the firing of former Coach Mike Leach. Leach wants the $2.5 million dollars he is still owed. The controversy continues to cast a shadow over the University.

Texas Tech didn’t like it when a Lubbock Judge told them he could handle the fight. The University wants the Attorney General to decide whether Tech has to release public documents to Dolcefino Consulting that they’ve been hiding from you for nine years.

Here’s the problem. Paxton should be the referee in public hearing cases until he takes a side. Well, guess what? Paxton is siding with Texas Tech to keep secrets from the public. He shouldn’t now be asked to rule on any requests for public information from Tech.

You can’t have it both ways Mr. Paxton!

Tech is a public University. Their records should be public and completely transparent, but Tech has fought our requests tooth and nail, which makes you wonder what Tech is really hiding nine years later. What are they so afraid of?

Dolcefino Consulting will be at a hearing in front of the Texas Appeals Court in Amarillo on Wednesday. This case is a big deal, because it could have significant impact on transparency and what public entities must share with YOU.

Ken Paxton needs to recuse himself from this case. He needs to do the right thing for sake of the public right to know. He should be on your side in this fight, not part of the conspiracy to hide the whole truth.

Stay tuned.