New legal action in Houston recycling scandal


Dolcefino Consulting is now asking State District Judge Kristen Hawkins to hold the city of Houston in contempt for its continued conspiracy to hide the public records of the Mayor’s smelly recycling deal.

The city is not only ignoring her court order from March, but also hasn’t released the records, even though the First Court of Appeals says the fight belongs in Houston.

The City of Houston continues to hide e-mails showing how the Mayor and his garbage boss buddy, Harry Hayes, decided to stop contract negotiations with ECO-HUB, a company offering to take all of the city’s trash and turn it into new products, eventually eliminating the need for expensive landfills.

Not only was the company offering to save the city tens of millions of dollars a year, but ECO-HUB had more than $800 million of their own money to build a plant.

The deal wouldn’t have cost taxpayers a penny!

Dolcefino Consulting is asking for fines and legal fees of more than $25,000. By seeking criminal and civil sanctions, Judge Hawkins could decide to put someone at City Hall in jail.

Isn’t that what they do with folks found in contempt?

“We eventually need to have a hearing under oath to find out who at City Hall is directing this illegal behavior. My guess – it’s Sly Turner. If we have to put him in jail to get the truth so be it,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

EcoHub founder George Gitschel had even offered to share profits with City Hall to help for raises for Houston firefighters.

That would come in handy right about now.

Mayor Turner has ordered a hiring freeze on Houston firefighters after voters overwhelmingly approved a big pay increase for them at the ballot box.

“I’ve got an idea Mayor Turner,” says Dolcefino. “Stop whining that we don’t have enough money to pay our first responders while you waste more taxpayer money and precious legal resources fighting to hide the truth.”

Dolcefino Consulting wants the City fined $50 a day until they comply with the court order.

They’ve been ignoring the order for 228 days already.

The money would go to the District Clerk, but it should go to reimburse the ridiculous cost of having to have an election to give our first responders fair pay.

The new legal action was filed by Stewart Hoffer, a lawyer with the Houston based Hicks Thomas law firm. Hoffer has waged a year-long courtroom effort to help Dolcefino Consulting expose the truth.

Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy during the holiday season to know that your Mayor is wasting tax payer’s money on a simple request for public information?

Motion to Show Cause (00225719-2)