Colorado Attorney General threatens us

Gerald "Jerry" Rome

Gerald “Jerry” Rome

A Colorado State District Judge has set a rare court hearing in the legal battle between Dolcefino Consulting and Colorado Securities Boss Gerald Rome.

What does the Colorado Attorney General do next? Threaten us.

Dolcefino Consulting filed a lawsuit against the Division of Securities in May claiming they violated the Colorado Open Records Act.

Colorado had refused to produce records detailing the truth about how little money was being collected for Colorado fraud victims. Instead, the Colorado Attorney General’s office demanded to know who asked us to get the records.

In a letter to Dolcefino Consulting, the Colorado Attorney General’s office says they will make us pay for over $6,000 in legal fees if we do not drop our lawsuit, claiming they have worked over 60 hours defending this case so far.

“The Assistant Attorney General calls us arbitrary, abusive, even vexatious, a fancy word that means annoying apparently,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “We will see them in court, but Colorado taxpayers wouldn’t have had to spend a penny on this case if the Attorney General’s office read the law and didn’t try to find out why we were asking instead.”

A formal opinion by former Attorney General of Colorado Ken Salazar should have been pretty clear. “You are not obligated to explain the reason you want any record. You do not have to discuss who you are or what you will do with the record.”

The letter from the Colorado AG’s office does confirm a key portion of our investigation. Dolcefino Consulting has shown that press releases issued by Rome’s office about big financial judgments for victims of fraud in Colorado are exaggerated. The AG letter suggests Rome isn’t talking about real, actual money collected.

Our investigation has also shown Rome’s office has spent millions of dollars on cases where there was no “actual money” to even collect. We have also shown lawyers assigned by courts in some of these fraud cases are making a lot more money than fraud victims are.

The hearing in Judge Martin Egelhoff’s courtroom will take place at 9 A.M. on December 17th at the District courthouse in Denver, Colorado.

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