The Fort Bend School Board member who should resign


Fort Bend Independent School District Trustee Kristin Tassin owes the Riverstone community parents and their children an apology.

Then she owes them her resignation. Immediately.

In a post on her Facebook, Tassin calls these taxpayers “bullies” because they are fighting to keep their kids from being sent to a different school. Monday night, little children came out in the bitter cold to hold up signs begging to just stay with their friends.

“Members of one community have chosen to harass and bully trustees into cowering to their will,” Tassin ranted on Facebook.

That’s bullying? Little kids with cardboard signs? Parents who pay taxes don’t have a right to complain about the way you are treating them? Have you forgotten who you work for?

We think you have.

Tassin complains about requests to see public records filed by Dolcefino Consulting and tries to suggest money spent will be taken away from the education of little children. She is not telling you the truth. Requestors of public information are sent a bill for the production of these public records and can even be charged overhead. Tassin complains the requests ask for records on personal phones.

“Here’s a suggestion Trustee Tassin, don’t conduct government business on personal phones and emails,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Then you don’t have to turn them over. Here’s another idea. Don’t tell parents not to worry about rezoning while you plot to surprise them.”

In her post, Tassin complains, “one community should not be allowed to dominate and usurp district time and money to the detriment of students and other communities.”

“Actually Mrs. Tassin, every one of those dreaded parents have a right to fight for their children,” says Dolcefino. “It’s their damn tax money. Maybe next time it will be another Fort Bend ISD neighborhood fighting for their children. Are they going to be bullies too?”

Kind of inspires us to find out what you are really afraid of.