If you’ve driven in Galveston recently, you may have seen the sarcastic billboard put up Galveston Municipal Police Association.

 “Thank you for visiting Galveston,” it reads, “home of the worst police retirement in Texas. Please support your Galveston police.”

Dolcefino Consulting was asked by a client to help educate island residents and tourists by creating the domain and website We donated the website to the Galveston Police Officers Association as part of our effort.

“The website is now live, and there is a petition for folks to start helping send a message to Galveston City Hall. Keep your promises,” says Dolcefino. “Since we started asking questions about the conditions Galveston Police work under people have been calling more interested to find out why I am doing it rather than what we are finding.”

 “In 1997, a Texas state law was supposed to protect Galveston’s first responders when they retired after decades of risking their lives to protect the 7 million people who live or come to visit the island every year,” reads. “Now police are demanding the city stop cheating them out of their pension. They shouldn’t have to spend their paychecks putting up billboards…”

“I first made friends with the Galveston Police when I did live broadcasts during Mardi Gras parades years ago,” says Dolcefino.

 “Since I saw the billboard, I found out the highest paid cop on the island will get less than $30,000 a year to retire on. A lot of the money they have to put in the retirement account,” says Dolcefino.

 “They are about the worst paid law enforcement officers in the area, considering they have to protect about 7 million visitors to the island. A lot of them drive patrol cars that are long in the tooth.”

Galveston citizens, tourists and supporters of police officers can sign a petition at to show their solidarity with the island’s police.

“Let’s send a message to Galveston leaders by filling the petition with signatures,” Dolcefino said. “Let’s remind them that the public supports good police.” is live. Be sure to check it often to learn the latest news about Galveston police and our fight to get the island to beef up support, even if it means raiding island sacred cows like the Port.