The scandal plagued Northwest Harris County 911 Ambulance Charity Cypress Creek EMS has a new legal problem today.


Dolcefino Consulting is now asking State District Judge Ursula Hall to make the ambulance company pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees for its non-stop attempts to stifle scrutiny of the so-called charity ambulance company.

CCEMS already faces criminal charges for refusing to detail millions of dollars in payroll paid for by ESD 11 taxpayers and has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees fighting our requests to inspect their charity financial records. The criminal trial is scheduled for late April.

“It is time for CCEMS to be held accountable for its gross misuse of public 911 funds,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “ESD 11 taxpayers are paying millions more in taxes they need to pay because CCEMS is squandering these life-saving funds.”

Last month, KPRC Investigates proved a CCEMS manager was running a private car repair shop out of the ambulance facility for cash payments. As a result, Dolcefino Consulting requested records detailing all the car parts bought with charity funds. CCEMS immediately went to court to stop us.

“The ESD 11 Commissioners have sat on their hands like ostriches while CCEMS blatantly rips off taxpayers. These commissioners now have two choices: Either stop this grotesque conduct or face a petition to remove them from office for sheer negligence,” says Dolcefino.

“We have been hit with lawsuit after lawsuit by these ambulance bullies to try to stop us from exposing their racket,” says Dolcefino. “Not only will it not work, we want them to understand there are financial consequences.”

CCEMS financial records have also been sought as part of an ongoing FBI fraud investigation. The charity also faces a civil lawsuit over allegations of bid rigging in the choice of the company that handles ambulance billing. That company is run by the wife of a CCEMS top official.

The ESD 11 Board meets Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. at CCEMS Headquarters in Spring. It is time for the public officials elected to watchdog the 911 service do their job.

We are watching.