Fort Bend Independent School District Trustee Kristin Tassin
Fort Bend Independent School District Trustee Kristin Tassin

Shame on the Fort Bend Independent School District.

Fort Bend ISD is set to vote as early as Monday evening on the highly controversial and totally unnecessary plan to rezone children from Fort Settlement Middle School. 

At the same time, Fort Bend ISD is stalling the release of public records that parents deserve to see. Guess what their excuse is?

Spring Break.

“It is the height of arrogance that these elected public officials may actually try to push this sham through before the public gets to see how this sausage was made,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Houston-based Dolcefino Consulting. “They should do nothing until they comply with the public right to know. If they vote, they should all face the consequences at the ballot box and at the courthouse,” says Dolcefino.

One thing is public already. Fort Bend ISD has hired outside lawyers to fight the request for e-mails about the mistreatment of Riverstone parents, instead of just turning them over for free. That’s a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

“School Board Member Kristin Tassin whined in a Facebook post this month that requests for public information by parents, the people who actually pay to operate the school district, would take resources away from educating kids, and now she is guilty of wasting public resources hiring outside lawyers to try to keep her records secret,” says Dolcefino. “What a hypocrite.”

Tassin had also made religious attacks on Facebook about non-believers in Jesus recently. The Riverstone community is extremely diverse, a reflection of a Fort Bend County that is increasing in minority non-Christian communities.

Fort Bend School Board members have not released a single public record requested by Dolcefino Consulting and have ignored requests for their personal phone records detailing Fort Bend ISD business.

“We have made it abundantly clear that we are preparing to file criminal complaints to enforce the public right to know, just as we have done on other occasions,” says Dolcefino. “Every single Fort Bend ISD trustee is already in violation of state law. We have notified the Fort Bend County District Attorney of this critical issue of transparency.”

After parents complained about the lack of transparency in the rezoning case, Board Member Tassin called the moms and dads and their little children bullies after they held a news conference outside school district headquarters.

“Any member of a school board that doesn’t respect the absolute right of parents to fight for their children shouldn’t be there,” says Dolcefino. “Parents all across Fort Bend should be up in arms. This is not just about one neighborhood. The school board is telling parents that the bureaucrats know what’s best for their children.”

If Fort Bend ISD goes through with this vote Monday, they will do it in front of hundreds of angry parents.  Dolcefino Consulting will keep the media advised of our plans for the Monday evening school board meeting.