$415,000. That is what Texas Tech has tried to charge Dolcefino Consulting just to look at the public records all Red Raider fans, students, parents, donors and taxpayers deserve to see. That isn’t counting the records they refuse to turn[…..]

Judge sets December trial on Texas Tech secrecy case

Visiting Judge John Board set a December 9 th trial date in the legal battle to finally get the truth about the firing of Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach out in the sunshine. Continue reading

Mayor Turner fights again to hide recycling records

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is hiding landfill contracts and e-mails about the controversial City of Houston recycling contract. Continue reading

Court Date Friday In Texas Tech Secrecy Case

Amarillo State District Judge John B. Board has set a hearing for 1 p.m. this Friday to hear legal arguments in the long-running Texas Tech secrecy case. Fans of Coach Leach should come attend the hearing. Fans of the public[…..]

Making Mayoral Race About Color Is Just Plain Wrong

Mary Benton was a darn good TV reporter. Now she is the press secretary for the Mayor, and you pay her salary. What she did now is an embarrassment. Suggesting Houston firefighters are white nationalists is stupid, and she owes[…..]

Mayor Turner Loses War In Campaign Of Secrecy

Dolcefino Consulting won a major court victory for Houstonians Monday. A Houston Judge delivered a gut punch to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s campaign of secrecy to hide city recycling and landfill contracts. Judge Kristen Hawkins of the 11th District Court signed[…..]

Bring The Baize Children Back Home To Their Mom

The Abilene office of the CPS has simply gone too far. CPS Officers seized three of Kim Baize’s children and have shipped them across the state to a strange foster home. What did she do wrong? Absolutely Nothing. Baize is[…..]

Texas Charity Law Goes On Trial

A Houston judge will hold a trial Friday afternoon that should send a message to rogue charities across Texas. Scandal plagued Cypress Creek EMS filed a lawsuit against Wayne Dolcefino and Dolcefino Consulting in an attempt to prevent the release[…..]

Houston Doctor Will Face Trial For Fraud In Brazilian Kidnap Drama

Houston doctor Chris Brann convinced Texas courts and the U.S. Congress his ex-wife wasn’t in fear for her life when she kidnapped their son to Brazil. The Baylor doctor then helped federal prosecutors send his son’s grandparents to prison for[…..]

Who is playing the real game on Houstonians?

The Houston Police Department’s own patrol records dispute allegations Houston’s biggest private poker club was hardly a public nuisance because of crime. In a lawsuit filed after selective poker club raids early in May, the Harris County Attorney’s Office cited[…..]