Who is playing the real game on Houstonians?

The Houston Police Department’s own patrol records dispute allegations Houston’s biggest private poker club was hardly a public nuisance because of crime. In a lawsuit filed after selective poker club raids early in May, the Harris County Attorney’s Office cited[…..]

Tech Loses Fight to Hide Regent Phone Records

The Texas Attorney General says Texas Tech can’t hide school related phone records of their nine regents. The university has been fighting the release of phone records for nearly two years, and one of their reasons for hiding the bills[…..]

Why keep tourists in the dark?

The Texas Attorney General proved again Wednesday why he has become virtually useless in protecting the public right to know, even about one of the most important things we should know. Our safety. The City of Galveston has fought for[…..]

Court Date Set In Texas Tech Secrecy Case

Amarillo State District Judge John B. Board has set a date of June 7th for legal arguments in the long-running Texas Tech secrecy case. But that is not the only news.  Wednesday, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office asked a[…..]

The Harris County Court System Can’t Keep Secrets About Little Maleah

The Public Deserves To Know What Went Wrong A new Harris County family court judge has issued a gag order to keep the media from reporting what happened in court when the Department of Family and Protective Services tried to[…..]


The president of Harris County ESD #11, Tommy Ripley, has suddenly resigned amidst growing questions about the way the district ambulance service is spending your money. Ripley is one of three safety commissioners elected after pledging to never replace ambulance[…..]

A Victory For Galveston Blue

Galveston Police may be finally getting close to the pension they deserve. Here’s our question. Why is it the job of the Texas House of Representatives to force the island city to stop cheating the Galveston Blue? Before this proposed[…..]

A Towering Sign Of Trouble At The Houston Rodeo

On a Sunday night in March, the rodeo’s new thrill ride Titan suddenly got stuck loaded with carnival goers seventeen stories in the air. For eight long minutes. The Houston media didn’t report on the towering trouble that night, not[…..]

“Expose Green Group” Hits Laredo

The news that garbage company Green Group has been involved in the proposed Pescadito landfill has earned the Laredo legal battle a new spot on the popular website tracking the controversial company. has been documenting the secret political deals,[…..]

Criminal Complaints Filed Against Texas Tech Regents

It is time to hold the Texas Tech regents accountable for the secrecy. Dolcefino Consulting has filed a series of criminal complaints against six members of the Texas Tech Board of Regents for failing to comply with the Texas Public[…..]