Appeals court sets date for rodeo records

The First Court of Appeals has set May 22nd, 2019 for the latest legal arguments in the fight against secrecy in Houston’s most famous charity, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Rodeo has refused for months to turn over[…..]

Galveston DA joins secrecy party

The Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady has decided to pick secrecy in the Friendswood police body camera fight with Dolcefino Consulting. Just minutes before cops went to the home of a Friendswood grandfather to seize children without a warrant[…..]

Message to the FBI…bring it on

Jared Genser

Newly released documents in the Brazil kidnapping case show the spin-doctor/lawyer for Houston doctor Chris Brann waged an ongoing campaign to keep Ben Taub Hospital from investigating evidence of sex addiction and disturbing e-mails about female patients. But wait, we[…..]

Houston judge to decide fate of Texas charity

For nearly 40 years Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino has used Texas law to hold charities accountable. Soon, Harris County District Court Judge Ursula Hall will decide if Texas charities will remain accountable to those who donate to them. The[…..]

New judge in Texas Tech records

State District Judge John B. Board of Amarillo has been appointed to hear the lawsuit over Texas Tech secrecy. The court action by Administrative Judge Kelly Moore came just hours after Dolcefino Consulting filed legal action to force him to[…..]

The rodeo is over, carnival questions are not

Three weeks ago, folks on the new Titan carnival ride at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo got the scare of their lives. Riders were stuck in the air, seventeen stories high, for eight agonizing minutes. The Rodeo told the[…..]

New legal action in Tech case

Dolcefino Consulting has filed new legal action Monday afternoon in Texas Tech’s hometown and this time we are demanding the Administrative Judge Kelly Moore do his job. It has been more than a month since Judge Bill Sowder abruptly recused[…..]

Time for justice in Lubbock

It is time for a dose of reality at the courthouse in Lubbock. People suing Texas Tech will not get a fair trial in the University’s home town. Red Raider Fans deserve better. It’s been more than a month since[…..]

Green Group rears its head in Laredo dump fight

The owner of the Pescadito dump has detailed his relationship with Green Group in sworn testimony, months before a showdown in Austin over the toxic waste site planned outside Laredo. C.Y. Benavides was deposed in Austin by lawyers fighting the[…..]

New legal action in recycling records scandal

A Harris County District Judge was asked today to put an end to the Mayor’s game of hide and go seek with public records on the controversial new recycling contract. The legal action by Dolcefino Consulting comes on the same[…..]