A federal judge has signed an order for restitution against the Brazilian grandparents involved in the international kidnapping case of a Houston boy, that continues to make headlines. It looks like the real message in this punishment was sent to[…..]

Final judgment for Brazilian grandparents

A Houston federal judge will finish handing out punishment Thursday to the Brazilian grandparents sentenced last month in that controversial kidnapping case that’s made international headlines. Judge Alfred Bennett gave Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes light prison sentences in December after[…..]

Plea for leniency in Brazilian kidnapping drama

Lawyers for Brazilian grandparents Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes are asking a Houston federal judge to keep them out of prison. In court documents filed in a Houston federal court, defense attorney Rusty Hardin says the couple was only protecting their[…..]

The ties that bind

Looks like the Harris County courthouse connection between Houston’s Divorce Lawyer Bobby Newman and the 308th District Court’s Judge James Lombardino is falling apart. At the final hearing today in the Kora Leach custody case, Newman stood in front of[…..]

New developments in Brazilian kidnapping drama

The federal sentencing date for the Brazilian grandparents caught up in that international custody drama has been delayed for two months. Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes were set to hear their sentence Wednesday, October 3rd. The new date when Judge Alfred[…..]

The empire strikes back against Dolcefino Consulting

Houston family lawyers hired a private investigator to launch a criminal probe against Dolcefino Consulting. A special prosecutor has now cleared Wayne Dolcefino, President of investigative media consulting company Dolcefino Consulting, of any wrongdoing. A letter from the special prosecutor[…..]

New developments in Texas-Brazil custody drama

Houston’s Ben Taub Hospital confirms it is conducting a review of Baylor Dr. Christopher Brann after stunning accusations exposed in a widening Dolcefino Consulting investigation of Houston family court injustice. A spokesman says Brann was already not seeing patients this[…..]

Brazil kidnapping case exposes Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Christopher Brann, Associate Professor of Medicine at Baylor, accused of putting his patients at Ben Taub Hospital in danger Dr. Christopher Brann is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and a doctor at Ben Taub[…..]

Explosive interview with mom in Brazilian kidnapping case

Marcelle Guimaraes fled to Brazil in July 2013 with her son Nico and never returned, sparking an international custody battle between Texas and Brazil. At the end of May, Nico’s grandparents were convicted in federal court of aiding and abetting[…..]

Woman at center of international custody fight breaks silence after 5 years

The battle over the custody of a little eight-year-old boy has sparked an international fight between Texas and Brazil. Now the mother at the center of the kidnapping case is breaking her silence after five long years, detailing years of[…..]