Kevin and Karen Maley have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help the students of Spring Branch School District.

So when the couple got an invitation to the Spring Branch Education Fundraiser this November they weren’t surprised.

A minute later the invitation was taken back.

The Maley’s know why they are being shunned by Spring Branch ISD, and they are disgusted.

“I cannot believe these people are so vindictive,” says Kevin Maley. “They are punishing us for protecting our own daughter. They ought to be ashamed. Aren’t they parents?”

The Maleys blew the whistle last month on the gross failure of Spring Branch Independent School District to properly punish a high school football star who solicited dirty pictures and sex from their 14 year old daughter. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Internet Crimes lawmen raided the home of 19 year old Jeffrey Munoz last month looking for evidence, even though Spring Branch failed to secure the evidence seven months ago.

Last month, outgoing Spring Branch Superintendent Duncan Klussman attacked the Maley family, and now the school district education foundation is uninviting to the November fundraiser.

Do you believe in coincidences? The Spring Branch fundraising event is chaired by Mano Deayala, the attorney who represents the 19 year old who has been accused by more than one girl at Spring Branch of sexual misconduct.

“The message they are sending to our young girls is to just shut up, because they are clearly more concerned with keeping these things secret then protecting our kids,” says Maley. “Spring Branch has chosen to defend indefensible conduct. My wife and I are stunned they would stoop to such juvenile behavior.”

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