Demands King, Turner Apologize


Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall will hold a major news conference Thursday, October 22 at 2:00 pm to demand Bill King and Sylvester Turner apologize to the voters they hoodwinked in the 2012 HISD Bond Election.

Wednesday, an audit revealed the school district sold taxpayers a bill of goods and then lied about the reasons they are running out of $2 BILLION DOLLARS and breaking promises to the school children of Houston.

“Bill King was the Chairman of this Bond Boondoggle and sold this charade to Houstonians,” says Hall. “And worse, he never bothered to tell voters he was actually on HISD’S payroll at the very same time. Sylvester Turner convinced the minority community to come on board, then cashed in from the bond deal.”

Who got him to change his mind?

Hall will call for an independent investigation of this entire 2012 Bond Campaign. The FBI is already investigating possible corruption in the HISD School District.

“Bill King can’t waffle out of this one”, says Hall. “And Sylvester Turner needs to stop hiding from public scrutiny!”

Ben Hall warned taxpayers to say NO to a wasteful government boondoggle. That is what a real fiscal conservative does.