The victims of Stanley Marsh’s unspeakable conduct do not deserve to be reminded of the vile things that happened at the Marsh offices in downtown Amarillo and out at Toad Hall.

It is time to “Erase the Marsh Madness” by removing the artistic reminders of Stanley Marsh, and the years of his sexual misconduct with teenage boys scattered all over the city of Amarillo.

Just days after the tragic drug overdose of one of Stanley Marsh’s victims, Houston based investigative communications firm Dolcefino Consulting wants to start a social media revolution, to put pressure on city leaders to act.

To that end, Dolcefino Consulting has created a Facebook page and Twitter account for Erase the Marsh Madness.

“I have seen the evidence in the Amarillo Police Department Property Room. It is disgusting. Computers loaded with porn, mounds of Viagra pills and sex toys, a disgustingly stained mattress soaked with DNA,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

Stanley Marsh 3 was the eccentric millionaire who commissioned the famous Cadillac Ranch.

The art piece features cars buried into the West Texas dirt on an angle. Marsh was behind the creation of 200 diamond shaped street signs on display at Amarillo homes and businesses. One of them is black and white with the word “Intimidator” and the number 3, as Marsh preferred to be called, using the number versus roman numerals.

Another sign reads in blue and white, “The boy stood on the burning deck. The flames ‘round him did roar. He found a bar of ivory soap and washed himself ashore.” A red and white sign reads, “They didn’t have on any underpants at all.”

“Maybe to some people this is just art,” Dolcefino says. “But to the still suffering victims of Stanley Marsh 3, these are constant reminders of horror. Now that we know what happened, the innuendo these signs convey must be erased.”

Amarillo Police have reopened the Marsh investigation, even though Stanley Marsh is dead.

Marsh relatives and employees have been named in a lawsuit as alleged co-conspirators regarding the sexual assault, sexual abuse, solicitation of prostitution, and human trafficking of nine minor children.

Everywhere Dolcefino Consulting has traveled in Amarillo the reaction is the same, even among law officers. It was common knowledge what Stanley Marsh was doing in his high rise office building and out at his ranch.

This was a community secret. Now it is time for the community to join together to “Erase the Marsh Madness.”

Erase the Marsh Madness is now on Facebook and on Twitter, and already has many documents detailing the scandal, the tragedy of one young victim, and the work of Houston Attorney Chad Pinkerton, who is leading the fight to get justice for the victims.

Look for new documents and videos on this Facebook page. We want comments from the public. We want everyone to join our campaign.