Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall will hold a news conference at 1:00 pm Monday morning, encouraged by a surge in Anti-Hero early voting, and will call on Houstonians of faith to send a message to Houston City Hall.

Houstonians need to know that the fight against this dangerous ordinance will not end Tuesday with a victory at the polls. The next Mayor can write a new ordinance just as dangerous. Only Ben Hall will vow to never play politics with your public safety.

“The Houston Chronicle wants us to just stay home an anoint Bill King and Sylvester Turner spots in the runoff. Turner is nothing more than a fourth term of Mayor Parker and the agenda of the gay caucus, and Bill King became a born again social conservative just because the pollsters told him to.”

Hall will argue that bringing morality and common sense to Houston City Hall is not just about the bathroom ordinance.

“Houstonians must reject the pay to play politics and political corruption that cheat this city. Recent news reports confirm what we have been warning voters about. Both of the Chronicle’s hand-picked candidates are ethically stained with the same brush”, says Hall. “

We have a chance to bring morality and common sense back to City Hall with Ben Hall.

The Hall news conference will be held at 1:00 pm at the campaign office at 530 Lovett.