Ben and Saundra Hall say they are thrilled with the comments they heard at early voting locations and the results of campaign exit polls.

Houstonians in the African-American and conservative white precincts voted in record setting numbers during early voting, and there is only one reason, the bathroom ordinance.

“Voters came out of the booth to tell us they were voting against Hero and for Ben Hall, because they know he is the only candidate who has waged a battle against the bathroom ordinance from the beginning”, says Hall.

Hall was amused by the Chronicle’s attempt this weekend to portray this surge in early voting as good for their hand-picked career politician candidates Sylvester Turner and Bill King.

“Sylvester Turner is a fourth term of Mayor Parker and has the very same agenda that threatened our public safety with this dangerous ordinance”, says Hall. “The idea that voters will reward him for his support of Hero and the politically powerful gay caucus is laughable”.

Hall has cornered endorsements and support of the faith community throughout Houston.

“We believe these faith voters will cast their ballot based on their social and family values, not partisanship”, says Hall. “Republican voters know Bill King has become a born again social conservative just to get votes. That is why he waffled for months on HERO.”

Houstonians must remember this fight against the dangerous bathroom ordinance will not end Tuesday. The next Mayor could compose a new ordinance just as dangerous.

Mayor Annise Parker wants Houstonians to think Ben Hall can’t win. Her crystal ball is clearly broken. She has misled Houstonians time and time again and attacked our churches.

Only Ben Hall has promised not to play politics with your public safety. Only Ben Hall will restore morals and common sense.