Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith says he was a victim of crime last weekend. That really isn’t news, because quite frankly he has plenty of company in this area.

What is news, is the stunning lack of judgement of this elected law enforcement official after he discovered an arsenal of weapons, including a submachine gun, had been supposedly stolen from his county vehicle in the middle of the day. A police jacket was gone too.

Maybe Sheriff Smith doesn’t watch much TV in Hempstead, but terrorists just massacred 14 people at a county event in San Bernardino, California. Everyone is being told “if you see something, say something.” It isn’t just a catchy phrase Sheriff.

Last Saturday at lunch, just days after Bernadino, Waller County officials gathered at the Saltgrass Steakhouse on the Katy Freeway for an awards ceremony for the Waller County Child Welfare Board. All the county top officials were there. Shortly after one o’clock, Sheriff Smith left the restaurant and noticed someone had broken into his pickup. He then saw eight pistols and rifles were missing, including a heavily regulated 45 caliber machine gun that could be used in a mass shooting.

Did the Sheriff run inside to warn the restaurant? No.

Did the Sheriff warn any of the officials still there, or any of the families inside? No.

Certainly he called the Harris County Sheriff to alert them an arsenal of weapons were loose? NOPE.

If you believe Sheriff Smith, he drove his damaged vehicle all the way back to Hempstead. A full thirty minutes after he left Saltgrass he told his own department to create a police report. Remember this was Saturday afternoon, December 5TH.

Do you know when Sheriff Smith’s office finally alerted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office of this huge law enforcement danger?

11:24 AM December 7th. That is a full two days later.

Sheriff Smith is lucky that so far, that sub-machine gun hasn’t been used to hurt anyone, or least that we know.

If you are asking why the Waller County Sheriff needs a submachine gun in the first place, that is a pretty good question. Why in the world did he have 8 unsecured weapons in his car?

Another good question is why the Sheriff didn’t call the cops that very second, just in case some unsuspecting fellow lawmen pulled over a carload of burglars down the street?

Smith has a lot of explaining to do. Waller County voters have a lot of thinking to do.