Ogg wages campaign to help innocent


Hundreds of Houstonians arrested for crimes every year in Houston are found innocent in trial, have their cases dismissed, and are eligible for expunction of their criminal records. Thousands more are eligible to have their records hidden from public view. Kim Ogg believes the District Attorney’s Office should help them in cleaning up their criminal arrest record.

kimoggphotoOgg is not waiting until she gets elected in November to make it happen.

On Saturday morning, a team of volunteer lawyers assembled by Ogg, will screen program participants’ local criminal records for eligibility. Those with eligible cases will be referred to partnering law school clinics at U of H, South Texas College of Law, and TSU. The cost is free.

The media is invited to see lives being changed. “Clean Up Your Life Day” will be held from 12 to 3 p.m. Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. The church is located at 902 West 8th Street, Houston, Texas 77007. Kim will be available for interviews at 1:00 pm at Mt. Sinai.

“People with criminal records have trouble getting jobs, housing and education. When the government gets it wrong, and it hurts somebody, then the government needs to make it right. We can start right now by helping people clean up their records,” said Ogg.

Last month, the “Clean Up Your Record Day” helped 42 low-income women at the Santa Maria Hostel, a non-profit serving homeless women.

Media Inquiries about the Saturday event can be directed to Wayne Dolcefino at 713-389-0810, wayne@dolcefino.com.