Two days ago, Waller County Commissioner Russell Klecka caused a bit of a stir among entrenched county officials. He wanted commissioners to vote to actually audit the Sheriff’s entertaining arsenal of weapons. The DA and auditor had been silent.

We told you in recent weeks the Waller County Auditor didn’t have a clue what weapons the Sheriff has bought or traded the last four years. We told you the Sheriff’s own weapons inventory list shows lots of guns, even automatic weapons, unassigned to anyone, even while the Sheriff and his top aides buy more weapons. We found receipts for weapons we can’t find on any inventory. We know the Sheriff’s office has been trading weapons without any notice to the auditor. That doesn’t count the sub machine gun and other weapons allegedly stolen from the Sheriff’s truck a few months ago. Thank goodness we learned the department has another sub machine gun.

Sometimes public officials forget. All those weapons don’t belong to them. They belong to Waller County Taxpayers. Klecka simply wanted to have done what should have already been done. What an outrageous idea…please.

This morning, the Sheriff asked the auditor to conduct a full audit, even though that’s what he’s already paid to do…but I digress.

It sure looks like Sheriff Smith added a dash of retaliation. He asked for invoices for furniture paid for over the last two years for Commissioners. Sure it is just a coincidence, but Commissioner Klecka bought new furniture after his election last year.

And the Sheriff also wants to see who has been talking to county commissioners in the last several weeks about a guy named Mark Anthony Alvarez, a friend of his daughters’.

In fact, the Waller County District Attorney did have time to call Terry Hall to the grand jury in the last several days to talk about the Alvarez matter. Hall is running against the incumbent Sheriff in the March primary.

If you are wondering why Mathis hasn’t called Odis Styers, Frank Pokluda, Stan Kitzman or Glen Beckendorff to the grand jury to talk about the landfill, you are not the only one.

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