lanier watchdogThere is proof tonight that Houston Independent School District Trustees violated its very own regulations in that controversial vote to rename schools.

A regulation passed in 2012 requires the School Board to identify the actual cost of money being spent, regardless of where the funds are coming from. Records show the HISD Board
resolution in February 2016 to rename Lanier and other schools showed there was 0 cost on the resolution.

That was not only false, but it violates HISD regulations.

The regulation also requires HISD to identify the funding source, and the exact dollar must be shown within “parentheses following the statement of total cost.”

“HISD has no choice under the law, but to vote again,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Of course, the district would be required to conduct a full financial
assessment and then identify in the agenda, the actual cost and where the money will come from.”

Lanier Watchdogs, the parent’s group formed to fight the name change, says changing the name of Sidney Lanier Middle School alone will cost $500,000, including the removal of concrete
carving from the historic school building and initials from the old seats in the auditorium.

“The HISD Board expects children to follow the rules and there is punishment when they don’t so here is a great opportunity to practice what they preach,” says Dolcefino. “Of course the
smartest course is to let neighborhoods decide if they want their schools renamed.”

What a concept!